2024 iPad Pro: Thinner Yet Stronger, Survives Extreme Bend Tests

Apple‘s new 2024 iPad Pro models, that were introduced a little over a week ago and are now available in stores have immediately become the subject of many durability and bending tests. These ultra-thin devices have amazed a lot of people with their increased resistance to extreme forces which means that the structural integrity has been significantly improved compared to the previous models.

The reinforced construction of the phone makes it more resistant to damages even though it is thinner.

2024 ipad pro

The current iPads Pros are of the same design as their predecessors but with a smaller size, 5. 1 mm for the 13″ version and 5. 3 mm for the 11″ model. Although they are so thin, the tests have proved that these gadgets are very durable and can withstand bending and other kinds of stress which usually occur during the normal usage.

The comparison to the iPad Pro M2 is as follows.

The durability tests between the new iPad Pro and the old one, especially the M2 chip model show great improvement. The iPad Pro M2 did bend significantly near the cameras under pressure, but in 2024 models this bending was not so obvious as to make some testers even call it “black magic”.

Vertical Bending Tests: The new iPad Pro showed a little bit of bending in the vertical direction because the force was against the internal reinforcement structure and charging port openings at the bottom.

Normal Use: Usually, the new iPad Pro doesn’t bend at all and after a while it gets back to its original shape without any deformation.

Performance Under Extreme Conditions

The 2024 iPad Pros even under the most intense pressure were still able to work perfectly. The cameras and touch panels were working well, although some models had very deformed frames and the screens were cracked.

Functionality: The tested iPad Pros all stayed operational which was a big improvement in the device’s structural integrity.

#BendGate Concerns Addressed: The 2024 models appear to have fixed the bending problems that were present in the 2018 models, when devices would either bend during normal use or arrive bent straight from the box.

Conclusion: A Great Change in Strength

2024 iPad Pro has proved that it is the next level in structural strength and durability. Although no device is totally resistant to the extreme forces, Apple’s new tablets prove that they are very tough under normal use conditions. This generation has apparently sorted out the previous problems, and now people have a solid and reliable device that can be used every day.