12 weird websites that justify paying for the Internet

The Internet hosts millions of web pages . Some are unknown and very useful, others to have a laugh and pass the time, totally absurd but addictive websites that make us stay spellbound in front of the screen, etc. Today we are going to make a compilation of rare websites that Internet is worth paying for.

On the Internet, we can do practically everything: search for information, do the shopping, watch movies and series, study, work, find old friends on social networks, book our next vacations … The Internet is a world full of possibilities . The list of websites that you are going to find below may not be the most useful of your life, but in it you will find from curious websites, websites that are absolutely useless and perhaps some that you did not know and that can save you from some trouble or other.

12 weird websites that justify paying for the Internet

The concept of a web cataloged as rare can be very subjective, but we can define it as one that goes beyond the general lines of what we can expect from a current web page. Surely they are not going to change your life, but the most likely thing is that you have a laugh and get you to disconnect for a while from your routine.

Fun websites

The usefulness of these websites is null. However, they have something that can cause us to be watching them for hours. From finding an invisible cow to seeing cute dogs walking around your screen.


This website shows us dogs running infinitely with a brightly colored background accompanied by music from an old video game. What is it for? Not really at all, but surely you will be mesmerizing watching the dogs running.



If you liked the previous one, the next one is not so psychedelic, but it has something that also hooks you. It houses a game in which we have to find an invisible cow with the cursor on our computer following the sounds it emits. The closer we get to the invisible cow, the sound increases in volume.



Raise your hand to anyone who has not ever been envious of the speed at which hackers or programmers are capable of typing. On this website you can type whatever you want, like crazy, and a programming code will be displayed. A good website with which to amaze a friend and play the odd joke.


Curious and with rare utilities

These are not websites that are fundamental in our browser, but they do have some utility, although in some cases it is somewhat peculiar or strange.

This Person Does Not Exist

In theory, the people who appear on this website do not exist. The images it shows have been created artificially , or at least that is what the web indicates. We can see gene faces that do not exist indefinitely by pressing the F5 button to refresh the page.

this person does not exist

The earth awaits

Finding a house today is a problem. The rents are through the roof and many young people do not have the economic measures to be able to become independent or buy a house. This website will not solve your problems, but it will allow you to know, more or less and as a curiosity, how much is paid depending on where in the world you live.

the earth awaits

Emoji Tracker

An also curious website that is really worthless. It allows us to keep track of all the emojis that are published on Twitter in real time . It shows the counter with the different emojis and when you click on them, all the tweets that contain them appear in real time. Well, it’s funny, but it’s not going to change our lives either.

emoji tracker

With which to discover something interesting

Websites of which you are probably unaware of their existence but which will show you something interesting for which it is worth spending some time in front of the screen.

100,000 Stars

If you are fond of astronomy, you will love this website. Through it we can take a walk through the universe while showing us curious facts about it.

100.000 stars


Surely more than once you’ve asked how long you need to see the last season of your favorite series . It happens to us when they have just launched a season or days before when we want to refresh the last thing that happened before the arrival of the next season. This is one of the curious websites that is cool to know. The search engine does not include all the series in the world, but it does allow us to see how long it will take to see them in many cases. As data, season 3 of the Paper House takes to see 1 day 23 hours and 50 minutes.



This curious website allows us to follow euro banknotes all over the planet. It is an international non-profit project. Surely all of us at some time when holding a ticket, especially when we travel to other countries, we have wondered how many laps it has been able to give the world. The members of this project enter the serial numbers of the banknotes in a database with which we can have a history of their location .


The ones that get us out of a hurry

They are not fundamental tools that are going to save our lives, but they can give us the odd idea when creativity no longer gives more of itself.

What is there to eat?

Some of the most recurrent phrases that are mentioned in the daily life of almost anyone on the planet is: what is there to eat? What do we eat? Questions that in many cases it is almost impossible to agree on depends on the day that the person or people with whom we live have had. They say that being hungry puts us in a bad mood and makes us angry, but we have the solution. This website is weird but you probably want to bookmark it. When accessing the web a recipe appears (in English). If you are convinced by the recipe that appears, you only have to click on it and it will redirect you to the recipe in question to follow the steps.

web recetas aleatorias

Behind the name

At some point in our life we have felt indecisive when choosing the name of a newborn, a pet, the title of the book that has cost us so much effort to write, etc. With this website you can create infinite names with the conditions that you decide. You can select different data such as gender, language, type of name (historical, mythological …) and the web will work its magic so that you stop eating your head.

behind the name

Has my email been hacked?

A terrifying web at the same time that it is easy to arouse our curiosity. In it we can find out if our email has ever been compromised in any of the security breaches that do not stop appearing in different companies in which we have registered or have an account to buy online.


Has the compilation of weird and curious websites been interesting to you? Surely you know some other, so you can share it with us by leaving a comment.