12 websites to travel with children this summer

Traveling as a family is the ideal opportunity to strengthen ties and make children live unforgettable adventures. Each trip is a fascinating adventure that allows us to discover cultures, landscapes, languages, different ways of living and thinking. However, when you want to do it as a family, with the little ones in the house, everything can become more complex.

To help you organize your family vacations , we are going to share with you a series of web pages that will let you know more about what it is like to travel with children. From the process of organizing the trip to preventing some problems that people with experience in this type of trip have had. If you stay at home because you have small children, you have not visited these websites.

12 websites to travel with children this summer

Travel with your child

In this online travel agency they are specialists in vacations for families, especially single-parent vacations in which the youngest and those who are no longer so young participate in fantastic programs, organized in such a way that the children have fun in the company of other little ones and share great adventures led by their monitors while moms and dads have the chance to make new friends.

Web Viajacontuhijo

Website Viajacontuhijo

They have been operating since 2008, with a selection of national and international destinations and always with the best activities and excursions coordinated by monitors. Some examples of travel categories that work are Theme Parks, Great Trips, Beach Programs, Lapland Special, Cruise Single Parent Offer, Mountain & Multiadventure.

Traveling Moms

Johanna Saldón has worked all her life as a travel and current affairs reporter on television programs specialized in travel (or with dedicated sections) such as Muchoviaje, España Directo, Madrileños por el mundo, Esto es vida and Teleojetivo.

Web mamasviajeras.com

website mamasviajeras.com

Now she has set up a blog in which she recounts her experience when her children were born. “When my children arrived, I knew that I was not going to give up something [travel] that I consider vital and wonderful.” In this blog you can follow Johanna on her trips around the world and in which she tells about the real problems and experiences she has when traveling with her little ones. Perhaps her testimony will be useful to you if you are going to some of the destinations that she has already visited.

Small trips

Pequeviajes is a website specialized in trips for families with children, ideas and leisure plans, accommodation with children, tips for traveling with children and in general about the adventure of being parents and also a Willy Fog.


small trips

Its catalog of articles ranges from experiences in places such as theme parks, hotels, beaches, etc. to other more general articles in which they usually give more general advice such as what to do with breastfeeding while traveling, what permits children need to travel to certain countries with customs. They also have some specialized tops, such as “The best all-inclusive hotels for families.”

Families on the road

Familias en ruta is a project born initially as a blog with the aim of a traveling family to communicate, share useful information and establish complicity with other travelers with children.

Familias en ruta

families on the road

Over the years, today it has become a wide and varied community of traveling families with different tastes, origins and interests. Familias en Ruta is a project of collective authorship and is fortunate to have an exceptional team of collaborators who, from their passion for travel, contribute their knowledge and experiences from the field of blogging, web development and the professional world of tourism and travel agencies.

The Pachinko

This is the personal blog of Pau Solbes, a blogger and co-author of the book Traveling with children specialized in traveling the world to share his experiences in this tourism blog that offers updated information in real time on how to travel taking advantage of every resource you have.



It also has a section especially dedicated to traveling with children: “Since our eldest son was born, we set out to discover the world as a family. Here you will find good advice on destinations to travel with children, tricks, routes and anecdotes from the more than 10 years that we have been traveling with our two children.


At Travelkids they are experts in turning plane tickets and a suitcase into an experience that children, fathers and mothers, will never forget. Everything is specially designed to give free rein to the imagination and experience the magic of each destination as if we were the protagonists of a story.



In this specialized travel agency, the kings of the house become the central axis of a trip with all the activities designed especially for their entertainment while they get to know new cultures and learn about nature and the environments they visit.

My family passport

This is the blog of a traveling family that loves to discover the world with their children, a family of five recounting their adventures around the world.

My Family Passport

My Family Passport

The author is the mother of three children, one of them with a disability, so she hopes that by recounting her experiences, she will serve as an example of strength for all parents to fulfill their dream of traveling.

Singles with children

In “Singles con Hijos” they are specialized in single parents who seek to find the best travel proposals for singles with children and meet other single-parent families in the same situation to make friends with whom they can spend wonderful vacations and maintain contact during the rest of the year with the activities they propose.

Singles con hijos

Singles with children

On this website they are committed to tourism with guarantees, quality, sustainable, different, family-oriented and dynamic. We have the best team of monitors that will facilitate the union of the group, as well as entertain and teach your children with fun games. Our goal: we will make your vacation an unforgettable vacation for singles with children.

A world for 3

The Un mundo para 3 project was born in February 2012 and initially with the idea of telling family and friends about the traveling adventures of Octavio, Montse and little Álvaro. Together they have traveled to more than 40 countries and love to travel on their own with little more than a return ticket.

Un Mundo para 3

A World for 3

Among the selection of topics they deal with there is a great variety, such as «The best surfing destinations in Spain», «5 cheap European destinations for family travel» or one of the most interesting and fun: « Sex when traveling with the family ».

Four on board

First-hand experiences of a traveling family with more than 40 countries in their suitcase and who have lived in Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Tunisia, Managua, New York, Belgrade and Malta.



If you are one of those who travel as a family, delighted to share, if you are one of those who are still not encouraged, surely the experience of this family encourages you to do so.

We are travelers

In its section traveling with children you will find a lot of ideas of destinations to go to as a family, almost all of them in Spain and Europe.


We are travelers.com

During the last years the blog is a reflection of the author’s life and his children also participate as protagonists in some entries.

My Little Gulliver

Ester Martin’s personal blog in which she shows that having a child does not necessarily mean giving up traveling. Gives useful advice on accommodation, routes, activities, most of them experiential.

Mi Pequeño Gulliver

My Little Gulliver

«I am one of those who thinks that traveling with small children is possible and very enriching both for us and for them. Although it is true that now our trips have changed, they do not have the same dizzying pace that my partner, on the other hand, appreciates, they require more planning and also a little more budget. With this blog I intend to help, from our own experience, all those who need more information to enjoy a good family trip».