11 very useful Excel functions that you surely do not know

When we have to work with numerical data on our computer, one of the most effective office solutions we can find is Excel. This is a powerful Microsoft program that allows us to carry out all kinds of operations, more or less complex, and that cannot be missing from most computers.

Many of you already know firsthand that this is a powerful application that is part of the Office suite. It accompanies other programs of the importance of Word or PowerPoint that are part of the same set of Microsoft applications. In fact, this is a software solution that we find in most of the equipment of both end users and companies. How could it be otherwise, the software has an innumerable number of functions and features that try to give us a solution to all our requirements in this sector.

11 very useful Excel functions that you surely do not know

However, it is not necessary for us to become Excel professionals, something that is not easy, for the program to be useful to us. It also has a multitude of basic or easy-to-use functions to help us. Here we can find a multitude of functions and formulas , more or less complex, to carry out all kinds of calculations. More experienced users of the program can create complex formulas especially suitable for business use, although we don’t always need to get to that level.

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Precisely for this reason, we are going to talk about a series of very useful functions that you may not be aware of but that can be very helpful to you on a day-to-day basis with Excel.

Simple functions to take advantage of Excel

  • Random.between: here Excel returns a random number between the other two values that we indicate to the formula.
  • Findv: This is a function we can use to perform searches in an array of spreadsheet data.
  • Convert: here we have a useful function that gives us the possibility to change a value from one measurement system to another. This is something that will be very useful for both the end user and the professional.
  • Delta: in this case we are talking about a suitable function to check if two values are equal. Say that it returns the values of 1 or 0, that is, true or false .
  • Average: returns the corresponding value of the arithmetic mean of the cells that we have specified.
  • Add.if: the specific formula adds some values if this meets the condition that we have established in the structure.
  • Today: as you can imagine, this function returns the current date, something very useful in some spreadsheets.
  • PI: It is not difficult to imagine that this Excel function returns the value of the PI number in case we need to use it in our spreadsheet .
  • Arabic: in the event that we need to convert a Roman numeral into Arabic, we have the possibility of entering the value directly in this function.
  • Roman: if the opposite case occurs, that is, we find ourselves faced with the need to convert an Arabic number into a Roman number, we will use this other formula in Excel.
  • Rept: in the event that we need to automatically add a series of characters, symbols or text as a placeholder, we use this function .