10 vital Windows programs to use on Linux without problems

Working with familiar software applications is a common concern when considering a transition from a Windows-based computer to a Linux-based one. Many users have become accustomed to specific software solutions over the years, making it challenging to migrate to an open source operating system like Linux. However, it is essential to recognize that Linux distributions have significantly evolved and expanded in functionality and user base.

Developers of various Linux distributions have made significant efforts to improve compatibility with a wide range of software. This means that you now have the opportunity to continue using many of the programs you are familiar with from Windows on Linux. In fact, there are several key software titles that can be considered crucial in the Microsoft ecosystem, which are also available for Linux.


The compatibility and availability of software on Linux have reached unprecedented levels, making it an ideal time to make the switch from Microsoft’s system. Open source software continues to grow and improve, ensuring a higher level of compatibility with various operating systems. Therefore, if you decide to migrate to Linux, you can confidently rely on the support and availability of essential software titles to meet your needs.

Windows applications to use on Linux without problem

  • Steam – This PC game store is often regarded as the ultimate platform for gaming enthusiasts. It not only provides a vast collection of games but also offers comprehensive features for managing and running your game library. The good news is that these capabilities are not limited to proprietary operating systems; you can also enjoy them on an open source operating system.
  • VLC : This powerful media player is ubiquitous on both mobile and desktop computers. The remarkable aspect is that VLC is available across various platforms, which is a testament to the dedication of its developers. Regardless of the operating system you choose, you can rely on VLC to provide an exceptional media playback experience.
  • Kodi : Similar to the previous case, this robust multimedia center enjoys widespread availability across different platforms. Hence, if you decide to migrate from Windows, you can rest assured that you won’t miss out on this indispensable tool. Its versatile features and capabilities make it an excellent choice for managing and enjoying your multimedia content on alternative operating systems.

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  • Eclipse : If you are involved in the programming sector, you are likely familiar with this widely-used interactive development environment, commonly known as an IDE. It has gained significant popularity and is extensively utilized worldwide. The good news is that this powerful IDE is also available for open source operating systems. So, even if you make the switch, you can continue leveraging its features and functionalities for your programming needs without any major disruptions.
  • Google Chrome – This widely used web browser is a familiar tool for many users worldwide. If you rely on it for your daily browsing activities on Windows, it’s worth noting that you can seamlessly transition to Linux and continue using it without any issues. The availability of this web browser on Linux ensures that you can maintain a consistent browsing experience across different operating systems.
  • Spotify : One of the most renowned streaming music clients worldwide is Spotify, and if you are accustomed to using it on Windows, you’ll be pleased to know that you can seamlessly continue enjoying it on Linux as well. Whether you’re listening to your favorite playlists, discovering new music, or creating personalized libraries, Spotify offers a consistent and uninterrupted music streaming experience across different operating systems.
  • GIMP : When it comes to photo editing on your PC, aside from Adobe Photoshop, one of the most popular choices is this open-source project. Its creators have made it available for various operating systems, ensuring that users can access its powerful features and tools regardless of their preferred platform. Whether you’re enhancing images, retouching photos, or creating stunning digital artwork, this open-source project provides a versatile and widely accessible solution for photo editing on different operating systems, including Linux.

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  • Skype – In recent months, the demand for video conferencing software has increased significantly, and many platforms have expanded their offerings accordingly. While Skype is a Microsoft program, it is worth noting that it is available for use on Linux without any issues. This allows Linux users to seamlessly connect with others through video calls, audio calls, and instant messaging, just like their Windows counterparts. So, whether you’re collaborating with colleagues, connecting with friends and family, or participating in online meetings, you can rely on Skype as a reliable video conferencing solution on Linux.
  • Zoom : Similarly, another communication program from the same company is Microsoft Teams, which is also available for download and use on open source systems such as Linux. Microsoft Teams has gained popularity as a versatile platform for online meetings, team collaboration, and communication. With its Linux compatibility, users can take advantage of its features, including video conferencing, chat, file sharing, and integrated productivity tools, all within the Linux environment. This allows Linux users to seamlessly connect and collaborate with colleagues, clients, or friends using Microsoft Teams, ensuring effective communication and productivity regardless of the operating system they are using.
  • LibreOffice : If you are accustomed to using an alternative office suite to Microsoft Office, one of the most widely used options on Linux-based computers is LibreOffice. LibreOffice is a popular choice among Linux users as it provides a comprehensive set of office productivity tools, including a word processor, spreadsheet application, presentation software, and more. It offers a familiar and user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to transition from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice. With its compatibility with various file formats, you can seamlessly work with documents created in Microsoft Office or other office suites.

Open PowerPoint with LibreOffice

Use wine

In addition to the native Linux-supported programs mentioned earlier, there is a valuable tool that enables running Windows programs on Linux, even if they are not natively supported.

Wine is a software (not an emulator) designed to translate the code of Windows programs, allowing them to run on Linux. It includes various libraries and dependencies necessary for the proper functioning of these programs. While Wine has its limitations, it is an excellent solution that can be relied upon in various scenarios. With Wine, users can overcome compatibility barriers and access a wider range of software options, expanding their possibilities on the Linux platform.