10 Best Card Games on Android 2019

Card games are a success on all platforms, and there are great classics of this category that we can enjoy on mobile devices. Also, due to the differences in format, there are some exclusives that we only have on mobile phones and tablets, and for which it is worth going to the Google Play Store. If you like collecting, and tactics and strategy are your thing, do not miss this selection of the best card games.

Hearthstone will sound to you right? But also, The Elder of Scrolls, surely, and the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Well, these are some of the ones you will find, but they are not alone. There are many more video games to enjoy in the environment of card collecting on Android mobile devices. And as we advanced, some of us can only enjoy them here, on mobile devices, because there are none for other platforms.

Hearthstone - The classic

Blizzard has among its small list of video games all huge successes, and one of them is a card game. It is called Hearthstone and is probably the number one worldwide. But his fame has achieved it thanks to its PC version; However, we can also play it on mobile devices and we will also have to cast spells, invoke our minions and work the strategy to gain victory over our enemies.



Pokémon TCG Online - Pokémon Cards

OK, Pokémon GO is the star game of these creatures on mobile devices, but there are many more Pokémon games on Android . And one of them is this, a reference card game that, obviously, we can enjoy online. Collect your cards from the mythical creatures of this fantasy universe and face opponents from around the world. Here it is important to have good cards, yes, but above all to have a good strategy to squeeze them to the fullest and gain victory.

The Elder Scrolls - Insurmountable graphics

Here we move away from the mythical creatures of the Nintendo universe, but we return to a classic where there are them. This videogame addresses Hearthstone directly, and again not because of mobile devices but because of its previous trajectory on other platforms. Although it is a video game of cards, the graphics are especially careful and make this title really attractive, which, of course, has many other benefits that have led it to be one of the leaders of the category.

Eternal - Magic's successor

Over time, unfortunately, we have been running out of some games like Magic 2015. But there are those who have taken over, and one of them is Eternal. With an excellent graphic section, very fluid and immersive animations, and a really interesting system of cards and creatures. An alternative widely recognized by players who appreciate titles like Hearthstone and look for different titles.

Card Monsters - Short games

Among card games there are differences at all levels; Of course, everyone usually agrees that the games can be quite long. In this case, however, the games do not last more than 3 minutes, something that is appreciated on mobile devices because it is possible that we only want to take a quick game, for example while we are on the bus. In addition, it combines classic games with missions, contests and, obviously, collecting.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links - For card neophytes

Developed by KONAMI, Yu-Gi-Oh! It also has its own card game for Android, and is another reference title in the category. Become the King of Duels with a mechanics especially simple and suitable for users who are not accustomed to this type of games.

Deck Heroes - Define your strategy

Your tactics and your strategy skills are what, once again, will lead you to win or lose on the battlefield. This interesting title meets and very well in the graphic section, with many characters and, yes, a 'free to play' format that practically forces us to go through the box at one point. His mechanics are also a point in favor.

Miracle Merchant - Letters, but different

Miracle Merchant goes out of the ordinary in this category and bets on alchemy. It is a recognized and awarded indie title that has specially worked its graphic section. You are an alchemist, and your cards are not great monsters but ingredients and potions. You have all kinds of missions to face, but in this title, you will do it alone instead of facing opponents from around the world.

The Horus Heresy - Warhammer 40,000

We return to acquaintances entering the universe of Warhammer 40.00; This card game is constantly growing. The updates are regular and bring us new skills for warlords, full legions and commanders so we never get tired. In addition, we have events to sign up for and we can always enjoy games in individual duels, or join clans and faction wars.

Card Wars Kingdom- Adventure Time

If you have children, it will surely sound like Adventure Time, from Cartoon Networks. This attractive video game lets us face the AI, to play alone, or if we feel ready to enter online games against other players. Of course, all the well-known characters are available, and the graphic section is one of the greatest incentives to devote hours and hours to its careful mechanics.