Xiaomi SIM Card Activation Issues: How to Fix it

Brand new mobile is synonymous with inserting the SIM card of the old terminal. This simple a priori task can cause some headaches. Xiaomi mobiles are also not without problems in this regard, since many users report problems with the activation of the SIM card. Today we wanted to see how we can solve them using some methods that work.

When our Xiaomi mobile has problems activating the SIM card, there are several reasons that may be causing it . In this case, it is not a classic problem when the card is inserted incorrectly, since in thatcase it would not be detected . Typically, the card is automatically detected.

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How to activate the SIM

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Enter APN

A classic mistake has to do with an incorrect APN. In this case, we will have to verify the data of our operator and enter them on the mobile. To do this we go to Settings / SIM cards / Mobile networks / SIM card settings. Then we play in APN and introduce the name of our company and the APN that they have provided us from customer service. Then it only remains to save and restart the mobile. Upon returning, the problem should be resolved.

Activate from the Xiaomi website

It is a trick that allows you to activate the card, when we have had a problem with the account and its registration. To do this we go to https://account.xiaomi.com and enter our username and password. Then we will have to click on Security and write our phone number . Then we click on edit and wait to receive a verification code that we must enter on the web. If we receive the message, the activation will be successful.

SIM activation service

This method is usually the definitive one to end the problem. For this we have to go to Settings / Applications and click on SIM Activation Service. Then we click on the Permissions of the application and once inside, we make sure that the SMS box is active. In this way, the necessary SMS can be sent to verify the activation of the card.

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Change language

It’s an old trick that keeps working. It is about changing the terminal language to English. For this we go to Settings / My Account / Exit account . Now we go to Settings / Advanced Settings / Language and text input. Here we have to select English. Then we log in again through the Settings account and the SIM card should be activated. Then just go back to the language options and go back to Spanish.


When there are activation problems we receive a message in which we can see that the attempt to send an SMS has failed. This is usually arranged by pressing 3 or 4 times on the repeat button to access a window where we will re-enter our phone number. Many users solve the problem simply by repeating this method several times.