Xiaomi Mi 9 Overheating When Playing or Charging: How to Fix it

The well-known Xiaomi Mi 9 has been in the market for a year and has been able to maintain the type against such strong rivals as Samsung or Huawei, although several users have long suffered temperature problems at certain times. We explain where this overheating comes from and everything you can do to avoid it.

Its processor is the Snapdragon 855 , capable of offering us the best performance and for this, we can think that the problem does not lie here, although like everything else, it also depends on the use and the demands that we ask for. Over time the components degrade, from the battery to the screen and something the processor may have noticed.mi-9-overheating

When the overheating of the Xiaomi Mi 9 is more “normal”

Although at no time should mobile phones exceed a limit temperature, it is likely that when we are playing with our Xiaomi Mi 9 to certain high-demand games , the processor and graphics are working at full capacity to offer us the best results.

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In the same way it happens with the charge of your battery with 3,300 mAh and make use of the fast charge with 27w that allow us to enjoy in more than half an hour more than 70% autonomy again. If when we charge our mobile phone it gets too hot we should know that this can be normal, if we add to all this that we have left our mobile downloading large file packages or updating all applications, the temperature can increase even more.

Solutions to cool our smartphone

The best measure is always prevention and for this we must take into account the environments where we leave our Xiaomi Mi 9, it is not the same to take it with us to the beach in winter to do it in the middle of August. The ambient temperature increases the temperature of the smartphone and if we also use it, we will be causing a higher risk situation.

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Another aspect where the error may be is in the charger, the most advisable is to bet on its original charger , others could be causing a compatibility failure that ends up degrading your battery and the rest of the component ahead of time.

Do not combine the most complicated processes

We have mentioned before that demanding games can cause our mobile phone to partially heat up and the same happens with the charging of its battery, therefore we must avoid especially performing these two processes at the same time. We can take advantage of the night to charge our mobile, at which time we will not need it and we can disable other functions such as bluetooth or close all multitasking so that there are not too many processes in the background.

We must also take a look at “Settings> Battery” to the applications that consume more , to see if it really is an app that is causing an excessive process and affecting our terminal.