With this Setting a Realme Can Be Started in Less Time

A new mobile, fresh from its factory, the logical thing is that it starts up quite quickly, not in vain it only has the apps installed by the manufacturer itself, something that is noticeable in the startup performance. But with the use and the new apps that we are installing, the logical thing is that the startup slows down, so you can avoid it taking longer to do it on your Realme .

Realme Can Be Started in Less Time

There are different ways to accelerate the performance of the phone, and it always depends on the areas that we want to enhance. In the case of starting the phone, if we want it to be faster, what we must do is very simple, and it has to do with the apps that are started together with it.

Reduce apps that start automatically

That is our goal, that when you start the phone it takes as little time as possible by not having to load so many apps. For this, what we are going to choose are the applications that can be started automatically and those that cannot. The fewer apps that are launched first on the phone, the less time it will take for the operating system to fully start up.

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This is something that we can easily do in the settings of our Realme mobile , where we can easily choose which apps are. Once we do, if our phone is already a fair bit of performance at its start, we will notice the improvement, especially if we deactivate apps that consume many resources of the terminal.

How are starter apps chosen?

Well, this is something that can be done with a specific app on our Realme phone, such as one-touch system optimization. This is called ” Phone manager ” which is the place from where we can improve the performance of the terminal in different aspects. To optimize the start of the phone we can do the following:

  • Open the “Phone Manager” app on your Realme
  • Access “Privacy permissions”
  • Select “Startup manager”
  • Select the apps that you can access or not at this start or in the background

In this menu, with the slider activated, we will choose that the app has the permission to start or run in the background. If the slider next to the app is disabled, you will not have that permission to start with the operating system. Therefore, the more apps are disabled, the less memory the operating system will need to start.


Which will result in less time to start the phone and therefore will be something that we will notice if the phone is a bit tight. Logically this will influence the operation of the apps that we deactivate, since we will have to start them manually so that, for example, we can receive their notifications.