Why and Why Not Buying a Refurbished Mobile

In the search for a mobile with good features and a low price, the possibility of opting for a reconditioned mobile appears , an alternative that we must not lose sight of. In the market we find several stores where we can buy reconditioned mobile phones and among them we can come across the mobile we want at a lower price than usual.

Why Not Buying a Refurbished Mobile

However, before jumping into the pool and buying a used or opened mobile beforehand , we must know that not everything is rosy, there are also reasons why buying a reconditioned mobile is not such a good idea. We will have to take all the information that we are going to offer you, to weigh the good and the bad of these purchasing decisions.

The reasons to buy refurbished mobiles

Savings as a differentiating point

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There is no doubt that if any user thinks about buying a reconditioned mobile, their main reason is the savings that this entails. The pocket can notice a big difference and this type of mobile can save us a minimum value but also a very high value of up to more than 100 euros, although this will also depend on the state in which the mobile phone is.

As we will see below, the negative points can make them not serve as an incentive to the savings we find. Each smartphone, offer and condition of the phone itself will be something to look at in detail, before launching ourselves to buy it reconditioned or, on the contrary, new and unopened.

A little help to the environment

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Another important aspect that we must value and take as a point in favor of reconditioned mobiles are the ecological principles. By buying a reconditioned mobile we are giving a new utility to a mobile that could end up in a bad way in nature, but we are also avoiding the need to manufacture a new device for us with the consumption that this entails in raw materials. The manufacturing chain of smartphones has a long journey in between with which we collaborate if we choose to buy a mobile of this type, thus preventing more C02 particles from being emitted into the atmosphere and therefore helping in the fight against global warming .

Negative points of refurbished mobiles

The warranty changes

Something that we must bear in mind when evaluating buying a reconditioned smartphone is that the guarantees will not be identical to those we have access to when we buy a new mobile. In this case the minimum is set at 1 year, but some stores may extend it in a special way or limit it if the damage is serious. This means that we have less time to run into faults that do not depend on us and therefore we lose peace of mind.

Marks, breaks or other damage to the mobile

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Saving means that the mobile is not always in perfect condition and it is very easy to run into any defect or damage to the phone. Stores usually choose to assess the degree of damage to the device, depending on this level, set a lower or higher price. If we do not mind having a damaged mobile, this may not be a problem for us, although we will have to take into account that it could have some internal damage that we cannot know until after a while and the warranty is no longer valid.