The only way to watch football on Movistar Plus+ if you’re not at home

If you have Movistar Plus+ you can watch a large number of football matches every day, LaLiga Santander 2022/23 matches broadcast by the operator. Or all of them, if you include the DAZN pack in your rate . But there is a problem that perhaps you have not taken into account: if you are not at home you will not be able to watch football on TV. Or yes, but there is only one way to do it if you want to see it from anywhere else.

watch football on Movistar Plus+ if you're not at home

The normal thing if we watch football on Movistar Plus + is that we do it with the operator’s decoder. We have it connected to the main television at home and we can watch not only football but any other channel that we have contracted in our television package and with playback and direct control. We also have the option of accessing the Smart TV application if we are on another television at home or the Movistar Plus+ application on devices such as Google Chromecast with Google TV. But what if we are out? The application will not allow us to watch football on another Smart TV or on the Chromecast on TV.

Soccer away from home with Movistar Plus+

If you go to a friend’s house to watch football or you are going to spend the weekend in an apartment on the beach or in a rural house, it is not enough for you to download the Movistar Plus+ app on TV and log in with your username and password of what was once Yomvi . Now you can’t do this. You can’t take the deco to watch football either. Or you can take it with you if you want (it will be enough to unplug it) but it will not do any good once you take it out of the house even if you connect it to the Internet at your destination.

Can we watch football on mobile or tablet? Yes. The Movistar Plus+ application for smartphones and tablets allows us to watch football matches away from home without any problem, wherever you are. But only on the small screen. Or on the computer through the browser where we can enjoy this without any problem.

What if we want to see it on TV? We cannot “cast” or project it with devices like Chromecast from the computer to the TV. This won’t work, you won’t be able to watch big football on TV using this method. What alternative do we have? The option that has always worked if we want to watch football on Movistar Plus+ away from home is to connect an HDMI cable to our laptop and project the screen on the television in the traditional way. Of course, you will need to have a laptop or some device in which we can connect an HDMI (a mobile phone with a USB-C HDMI adapter) to try to send it with this method.

Internet Second Residence

If you are going to change residence every weekend, because you have a flat or a house where you spend Saturdays and Sundays, you will be able to watch football on TV outside your home and on the big screen. But this will only happen if we have contracted the Internet Second Residence or Internet Second Residence Plus rate. As explained by Movistar on their help page: if we have Second Home Internet, we can watch Fusión football channels on large screen devices such as Smart TV or HDMI outside the home, as long as they are not being played simultaneously inside the home.

In addition, they add, “as up to now, you can also continue watching the rest of your Fusion channels on the big screen, even if they are being played simultaneously at home”.

Internet Segunda residencia

Soccer with DAZN

If we have DAZN and the game is broadcast through this platform, it’s easier. We will not have this problem and DAZN allows us to view the content from the application regardless of the IP address from which we connect, regardless of the device used.


Of course, you must bear in mind that DAZN has limited simultaneous playback on its accounts and we can only see the content from two different devices, but as long as they are connected to the same network point. That is, you can see it from two devices but if you are connected in your own home but not if there is one at home and one outside. This prevents account sharing on DAZN.