How to Use the App Cloner with WhatsApp on a Realme Mobile

Our phones have a multitude of functions to make our lives easier. And the new Realme UI 1.0, the software layer of the brand’s terminals, now have an interesting utility, which allows us to duplicate the accounts of apps as important as WhatsApp on a Realme mobile.

App Cloner with WhatsApp on a Realme Mobile

This is nothing new, for years you can clone apps and use two accounts of one of these on the same mobile. What is not so normal is that a mobile phone has a tool of this type natively. Something that we have seen in some mobiles, and also in Realme mobiles thanks to its software layer.

Use two accounts on the same phone

In the case of WhatsApp, we know that we are working on the possibility of being able to use an account on several devices at the same time, but not two accounts in one. That is what this Realme UI functionality offers us, which has a native function that is capable of cloning WhatsApp and other apps installed on the mobile and thus being able to have the chats of two accounts at the same time. It is something that works very well and is very easy to activate on these mobiles.

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How can apps be duplicated on a Realme?

Realme UI is a fairly complete layer for what little it has been on the market, since with it it is possible to do many things for which we would usually need to install third-party apps. In this case, the functionality can be activated easily by following these steps:

  • Enter the settings of your Realme
  • Click on “application cloner”

Now on the screen that opens we can see the apps installed on our mobile that are compatible with this functionality of the operating system. In this case we have apps like Google Pay, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, Twitter or WhatsApp. Now we just have to click on the app we want and select ” clone application ” to start duplicating the app. Once we do, a new icon of this cloned app appears, which in turn integrates a small icon equal to the one that this function has in the system settings.

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Once we have duplicated the app, we will be able to access the different accounts from the different shortcuts on the phone. In the case of WhatsApp, for example, you will have to verify your account on this Realme phone , and keep in mind that the account of your other phone will no longer be active and you can only check it from your Realme with the cloned app. The moment you want to reverse the process for this or another app, you will only have to access this function and deactivate the cloning of the app.