How to Share Instagram Reels on TikTok and TikTok on Reels

Share Instagram Reels on TikTok and TikTok on Reels

We are not going to deceive you, neither TikTok nor Instagram want you to do this: share the videos that you create in one on the other. Therefore, if the algorithms detect that it is content with the watermark of other networks, it can reduce its visibility. Even so, it is a very common practice, because it avoids having to generate duplicate content. So we see how to post Instagram Reels to TikTok and vice versa.

The tsunami of short videos and viral soul


With the confinement, we all witnessed the rise of TikTok and its proposal of short videos with a clear vocation to be consumed quickly, one after the other and with the intention of going viral if possible. Because that always triggers traffic and ultimately is what any platform and its own users are interested in.

Well, those short videos are already common and not only within TikTok. Many other platforms have adopted the format in the same way as stories. So now you have options to publish short videos on Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat … practically almost any social network already offers its own interpretation of those of TikTok.

Therefore, with the popularization of a format that increasingly attracts more content creators, regardless of whether they do it professionally or just as hobbies, it is logical that ways are sought to reuse material uploaded to one network in another. This has been and continues to be done mainly from TikTok to other platforms.

The reasons why it’s posted earlier on TikTok are usually pretty obvious. In the first place, because TikTok has much more weight in this type of content. So, in order to start making videos like this, there seems to be no better place than said network.

In second place are the creative tools it offers, usually above the rest of the competitors. Although here it must also be said that Instagram is getting the hang of it.

And finally, there are some options that TikTok offers that make it even easier to be able to quickly share those videos on other networks.

How to Share TikTok Videos on Instagram Reels

The first option you have when it comes to sharing the videos you post on TikTok on other networks and in particular on Instagram through the Reels section is to publish and then download them with a third-party application or service.

This has long been the most used option by many users. And in part because it is very simple and does not force you to do it imminently. Which is not bad at all, just in case you detect an error or want to first test the validity of the content and idea on TikTok. And if it works well, then take it to Reels.

To download these short videos from TikTok you have options such as:

The advantages of these videos is that they also allow you to do something that can be very useful for the upload and impact on Instagram: remove the TikTok logo.

That is, you can delete the watermark of the video and Instagram would not detect a priori that it is rejected content. So they would not “penalize” it by reducing its visibility and with them reaching your publications in that network and you should grow more quickly. Although it is not guaranteed either.

Instagram - TikTok - Cuentas vinculadas

The other option is the native or official one offered by TikTok. You can link your Instagram account on TikTok and when you record a video you will have the option to mark which platform of the available ones you want to share it on. For example, on Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp.

If you check this option, when you publish your video you will only have to open Instagram in this case, go to the Reels section and you will see that the video appears in recent items so that you can upload it. Although if you don’t, another option would be to go to your TikTok feed, enter a video and in the three-dot icon look for the Save video option. When you press you will see sharing options.

The only problem or disadvantage is that you will keep the TikTok logo. Although that does not matter to you, you do value simplicity and not depending on a third-party service.

Share Instagram Reels on TikTok

When it comes to reusing any of the Reels that you have published on Instagram, you will not have to follow complex processes either. Basically everything is summed up the same way as before with short TikTok videos.

All you need is an application or service that allows you to download that video or those videos that you have linked to. Or make use of the option to download a Reel that Instagram offers. Something that also offers an added advantage over TikTok: it does not include a watermark.

Therefore, unless you need a TikTok own creative tool, you are still more interested in creating them in Reels and then taking them to TikTok. However, that is a decision for each one, as there are those who are so used to the Bytedance application that they feel much more comfortable even when there are certain shortcomings or limitations compared to the rest.

Returning to Instagram Reels, when you finish making a video and publishing it, you will see that there is an option within the three-dot icon that allows you to download the video to the reel of your phone. So you just have to open the other app and load the content. You can also activate the option to Save reels to the device automatically.

To activate this do the following:

  1. Open Reels
  2. Hit the camera icon to create one
  3. Now to the gear icon in the upper left corner
  4. In that Camera Settings screen, tap on Reels
  5. Activate Save reels to device

Aspects to consider if you are going to refuse content

As we said at the beginning, the fact that the platforms cap or reduce the visibility of certain content is something that will always be there, but the biggest drawback is related to copyright. Both platforms have reached agreements with record companies so that you can use a multitude of copyrighted songs within their platform without having to pay anything.

Sometimes there may be titles that are covered on one platform and not on another, so they could knock your video down and even worse, block your account. So that last is what you have to take into account the most and very clear.

Therefore, if the project you are working on is more professional and you want to have many more editing options, etc., you may be interested in making a short video in an editor like Final Cut or Premiere and after exporting it, take it to any network. Although it is a somewhat more demanding job.