Satechi Airpods Wireless Headphone Charging Dock Review

Once you finally get hold of a device with support for wireless charging , the last thing you want is to see a cable in your life again – well, you understand us. And just that is what Satechi offers you with its new small base: a compact and wireless solution to charge your Apple headphones directly from your MacBook or iPad.

satechi wireless

A USB-C dock for AirPods

One of the advantages of getting a headset with wireless charging is that you can forget about the cables and replace their battery just by leaving them on the surface of a dock compatible with said technology. But, of course, that base also takes up space and you can’t always take it with you everywhere.

To solve these small first-world problems , Satechi has launched an interesting portable accessory, thanks to its compact design, perfect for charging second-generation AirPods or AirPods Pro .

USB-C base - Satechi Airpods

The USB-C Wireless Charging Dock for Apple ‌AirPods‌, which is the official name that receives the accessory, has a USB-C connector that allows you to connect it to the MacBook or iPad and directly deposit your headphones (inside their box, obviously) to get started so to load them.

It is true that in certain situations it can be a hindrance when using the laptop or tablet, but on many occasions it can be a quite practical accessory that above all takes away from having to carry a larger dock or carry more cables. As for its appearance, it is minimalist and clean: with an aluminum base and LED indicator, it has a white surface as a tray in which the headphone box is deposited. Simpler impossible.

USB-C base - Satechi Airpods

Perhaps the solution is familiar to you. And it is that the brand already has in its catalog a similar gadget, the USB-C Magnetic Charging Dock. This fulfills a similar function, that of charging a device, this time the Apple Watch, counting on it with the proper surface for the Apple smartwatch . Like our main dock, it also connects via USB-C to the MacBook or iPad, thus allowing you to carry with you a small and compact charging base in which you can deposit your gadget whenever you want.

Satechi base price and availability

The USB-C Wireless Charging Dock for Apple ‌AirPods‌ has just been announced now but will not be available for purchase until next May. As for the price, it is set at $ 29.99 . For the Spanish market we have not yet announced a date or cost in euros, but we imagine that it will not take long to be seen by our windows and that its price will be very similar to the figure that now looks in dollars.

USB-C base - Satechi Airpods

Precisely the charging base for the Apple watch that we mentioned before can be found in distributors like Amazon -where by the way it has quite good ratings. We leave you the link below in case you are interested in your purchase.

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