Projector Mounts – Wall, Ceiling and Floor Models

If you are a true movie buff and would like to live a cinema experience from your living room, you may have bought or are thinking of buying a projector that allows you to watch your favorite series or content on a big screen. The truth is that nowadays it is possible to get a large television at a reasonable price, but there are many who prefer to use a projector that allows them to enjoy images of enormous dimensions. In that case, there is no doubt that one of the best accessories for our projector is a support that allows us to place it in a place where it does not bother us and offers us a great projection of the image.

Currently, there are many models of projectors that have a small size and that we can place on top of any table or furniture to be able to project the image where we want. Now, if you are one of those who prefers to have everything correctly arranged and placed, it is best to have it hanging on a support . We can find supports for the ceiling, the wall or even the floor, so we will be able to find the ideal model to place our projector where it suits us best.

Projector Mounts - Wall, Ceiling and Floor Models

Of course, the place where we can place the support is not the only detail to take into account when choosing one model or another. There are also other important details to look at before buying one. It is important to check if it is a rotating model , which allows us to project the image directly where we want with total comfort, if it allows changing the angle of inclination , if it is extensible to be able to regulate the height of the projector, material with which it is made to know if it supports the weight of the projector and of course, the price .

Taking all this into account, we will surely be able to choose the support that best suits our needs and budget. To do this, we leave you below an interesting selection with different models of projector mounts with different prices that adapt to all pockets.

Projector mounts at a great price

Vogel`s wall

Wall mount with a very elegant design and made of a highly resistant material capable of supporting projectors up to 10 kg in weight. Allows you to adjust the tilt, swivel and rotation of the base to place the projector in the ideal position, allowing a 360 degree rotation and a tilt angle of up to 20 degrees. It offers universal compatibility and is very easy to install.

Soporte para proyector Vogel's de pared

Vogel’s ceiling

Heavy-duty projector ceiling mount that allows you to project images onto a wall or screen with a great adjustment, since it allows you to adjust the angle of inclination and it is rotatable 360 degrees. It is capable of supporting up to 10 kg of weight, is compatible with all types of projectors and is very easy to install.

Soporte para proyector Vogel's de techo


Universal projector mount with 360 degree rotation and a tilt angle of up to 25 degrees. It is capable of supporting a weight of up to 15 kg, Compatible with all types of projectors, easy to install and perfectly positioned to project images in the exact place.

Soporte para proyector DeleyCON de techo


Projector wall and ceiling mount offering up to 180 degree lateral tilt to easily find the ideal position. It is made of high-strength aluminum capable of resisting up to 10 kg of weight and that allows installation even in plasterboard partitions. It offers compatibility with a lot of 3-hole and 4-hole projector models and is very easy to install.

Soporte para proyector Duronic de techo


Compatible projector mount for both ceiling and wall installations. It offers 4 configurable anchor points that can be reduced to one depending on the type of projector. It is extendable from 15 cm to 65 cm and offers the possibility of adjusting the angle of inclination up to 15 degrees. It offers great resistance, supports up to a maximum of 15 kg and is very easy to install.

Soporte para proyector Unicview de techo


Projector mount offering up to 90 degree head swivel and 360 degree rotation. It is 21 cm long and allows you to adjust the angle of inclination for a perfect projection. It has a hole for the cable guide and is made of high quality aluminum alloy that can support up to 5 kg of weight. It allows its installation on ceilings, walls or even the ground.

Soporte para proyector RMENOOR de techo


Universal support with extension arm between 15 and 39 cm and made of libero aluminum capable of offering a resistance of up to 15 kg. It allows easy mounting and has a spider hook that allows the projector to be inserted and removed from the bracket easily. It has a system to hide the cables and a very simple installation system.

Soporte para proyector Luxburg de techo


Mini projector support made of high quality aluminum and very easy to install both on the ceiling and on the wall. It has a 360-degree rotating head and allows the angle of inclination to be adjusted up to 90 degrees to place the projector in the ideal position to project. The diameter of the base is 8.8 cm, has a total length of 21.5 cm and supports a weight of up to 3 kg.

Soporte para proyector Olisicht de techo


Projector bracket that allows installation both on the ceiling, on the wall or even on the floor. It is a universal mount that fits most projectors and features a 360-degree swivel head with an easy-grip knob. It also allows you to adjust the tilt angle to achieve the perfect projection position. This model offers a support of up to 3 kg of weight.

Soporte para proyector Drsn de techo


Universal ceiling projector mount that fits most projectors. Metallic model with an extendable arm between 113 and 65 cm to regulate the height from the ceiling and very easy to install. It offers great resistance, supporting up to 20 kg of weight and allows you to adjust the angle of inclination up to 15 degrees to achieve the best possible position for projection.

Soporte para proyector Tooq de techo