Do you play CoD Warzone 2 with a controller? Well, that's a huge mistake on your part.

Just over a week ago Call of Duty Warzone 2 game was released. The game is free to play, anyone can play it and it has different mechanics. One of the characteristics of the game is that it is cross-play, come on, that PC, PS5 and Xbox users face each other in the game. But are users who play CoD Warzone 2 with a controller at a disadvantage ?

For those who don’t know, Warzone 2 is a pretty fast shooter game. It has quite interesting mechanics and elements that set it apart from other games, such as putting bulletproof plates on vests that reduce damage. The game is hectic, especially in the online “story” mode, where you not only face NPCs, but also other users.

play CoD Warzone 2 with a controller

Playing a controller shooter is horrible

Many FPS or shooter type games have raised the option of being cross-play , but few have taken the step. The main reason (but not the only one) is the fact that the command doesn’t work the same way as keyboard and mouse. Accuracy is lower with a controller, generating a significant disadvantage for the user.

I’ve been playing shooter titles for I don’t know how many years, I started playing Counter Strike 1.6 and since then, there are many games of this style that I’ve enjoyed. I have ever tried to play a console shooter, or what is the same, with a controller and I have been unable.

manco Xbox ps5

Surely it comes from having spent my whole life playing this type of game, which I have not been able to adapt to. But it is that the precision that I notice with keyboard and mouse, is difficult to match with a controller. Obviously, I consider that the controller is positive for many titles, especially sports or racing, where it is more comfortable with the controller than with the keyboard. Just as I am incapable of playing a controller shooter, I am incapable of playing FIFA with a keyboard.

I understand that on PS5 you have to play with a controller, which doesn’t get along particularly well with a keyboard and mouse. The Xbox Series X | Yes, they support keyboard and mouse without problems, but still playing in the living room with these peripherals is not comfortable. But, what does someone from PC play with a controller? It seems totally pointless to me.

Is there a disadvantage between controller and keyboard + mouse?

You are right. As much as anyone insists, precision and agility are significantly reduced between keyboard and mouse. There will be those who will say that they do not notice the difference or that it is better played with a controller, but I doubt it. The agility and greater precision of movement that a mouse gives, will never be given by a controller.

I honestly believe that for console or PC users who play with a controller, there is a clear disadvantage. The precision of movement or aiming is noticeably compromised with respect to the keyboard and mouse. Even the quick weapon switching aspect that mouse scrolling gives you is non-existent on controllers.

Honestly, if I have to play an action game with a controller, I prefer not to play it. Obviously, I could be missing a great game, but to suffer playing with a controller, I prefer to find another game.