OnePlus activates discounts: a high-end for 380 euros

Black Friday is not always the best time to change mobile. During the weeks leading up to this day of massive deals you can find much better discounts to save as much as possible on the purchase of a smartphone. In this case, it has been the turn of OnePlus, which has completely devastated it by reducing the price of two of its high-end ranges.

The devices in question are the OnePlus 9 from last year and the OnePlus 10 Pro of the current generation. Two high-quality terminals that present exceptional qualities to carry out any activity at the highest level. We already anticipate that they are unique in a certain way by enjoying a customization layer such as OxygenOS , as well as an alert slider that works similar to an iPhone.

OnePlus activates discounts

Unbeatable discounts on AliExpress

We are facing two monumental price reductions. The original value of the OnePlus 9 was 709 euros at its launch and today you can get it for just 378 euros . The only drawback is that the deployment of the stock is scheduled for December 10, so you will have to wait if you want this mobile. Also, it should be noted that it comes with an American charger , so you will have to go through the checkout to squeeze the 65W fast charge.

Instead, opting for the OnePlus 10 Pro not only ensures a better overall experience, but also an Android 13 system update and delivery within 3-10 days. So it becomes a better option in every way. The launch price of the flagship of the Chinese brand was 909 euros and in AliExpress, with a European charger, it is only 594.44 euros . A real bargain for a state-of-the-art phone.

Quality guaranteed by OnePlus

Next we are going to quickly review the characteristics of both models separately. Starting with the OnePlus 9 and ending with the OnePlus 10 Pro. Both are good smartphones, but, of course, the latter has specifications with the best technology on the market.

OnePlus 9: power at the best price

Among the main features of the OnePlus 9 stands out its 120 Hz Fluid AMOLED screen . Exceptional qualities to enjoy vivid and accurate colors to reality while enjoying exceptional fluidity. This along with a Snapdragon 888 processor, the most powerful of 2021, to give excellent performance to the entire device. So that no application will resist you and you will be able to play the most powerful titles of the moment without suffering lag of any kind.

oneplus 9

Its battery boasts a 65W fast charge , that is, it takes only half an hour to reach 100% of its 4,500 mAh battery. A battery that lasts approximately 24 hours, although it can exceed it if you don’t give the phone a lot of cane. One of the strengths of the OnePlus 9 is its 48 MP main camera in partnership with Hasselblad, which not only takes incredible and realistic photos, but also allows recording at 8K resolution .

OnePlus 10 Pro: The cheapest high-end experience

The level goes up considerably with the OnePlus 10 Pro. Mainly because its AMOLED screen boasts 2K resolution and LTPO technology to ensure that your series, movies or videos are similar to a cinematographic experience. This without forgetting the adaptive 120 Hz that will adjust the fluidity based on the content, which will help increase the battery. This time we come across the chip of the year 2022, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, which only ensures much higher performance than its predecessor along with better energy efficiency.

oneplus 10 pro camaras

Its battery increases the capacity and reaches 5,000 mAh to reach approximately 28 hours. In addition, it supports 80W fast charging so that the OnePlus 10 Pro can be fully charged in about 25 minutes. The best thing is that it has 50W wireless charging so you don’t have to depend on the cable. When it comes to taking photos, it also has a 48 MP main lens, although this smartphone achieves more realistic results thanks to cleaner image processing.