Word Trick: Move paragraphs directly without copying or pasting

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word

The conventional text editors that we have been using for years, over time are programs that have evolved a lot. This is something we can check first hand with one of the most popular applications of this type such as Microsoft Word.

Those who do not usually use this program on a regular basis, may think that it is limited to offering functions for editing and creating texts . But no, the truth is that these applications in particular, today go much further.

This is something that is especially evident in the aforementioned Word case, but extensible for most solutions of this type. One of the main reasons for all this is that current text editors are used daily by hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

Whether for personal use, or more professional, the truth is that these productivity solutions can get us out of a lot of trouble. This is something that improves if we opt for the use of templates in Word.

Moreover, in these moments we can say that, for example, Word is a program full of functions , in some cases we do not even know. These can be found hidden in some of its many menus, or even after some key combinations.

Move paragraphs or list items directly in Word

In fact, in these times we have the possibility of using, in these text editors, elements such as images, videos , graphics, hyperlinks or tables . This, how could it be otherwise, opens up a wide range of possibilities. But at the same time, while these are more or less hidden menu options, we have other tricks to use.

mover textos word

This is the case that we are going to talk about in these lines, a utility that will surely be very interesting and that you probably do not know. Surely when creating long listings or working with texts full of paragraphs , moving these elements becomes somewhat awkward or confusing. This happens when, for example, we have to reposition these elements of a list, or the mentioned paragraphs, through the pages of our document.

If necessary, one of the solutions we usually use is the functions of cutting and pasting with CTRL + X and CTRL + V, but it will not always be the best. We tell you all this because in particular Word allows us to directly move the elements of a list, or a complete paragraph, and place it in the position we want.

Save time and effort with this Microsoft text editor trick

Specifically, we refer to the possibility of using the Alt + Shift + cursor combination up or down. This will help us, as we say, to move the paragraph or item in a list, directly up or down in a Word document . This prevents us from having to copy these texts to paste them in the new position.

It is evident that if we have to carry out this movement of texts many times, the direct movement will be much more comfortable and will avoid confusion. It is worth mentioning that this is something that does not work with single words , since when marking one, the program moves the paragraph in its entirety.