The most aggressive gaming setup with IKEA furniture that you can assemble

most aggressive gaming setup with IKEA furniture

The manufacturer IKEA has already managed to enter all our homes with the great multitude of products that they have in their catalog. One of his latest bets, seeing that the large number of work areas already included some of his furniture or accessories, has been to enter the video game sector with a full line of products. For this reason, today we want to show you the most aggressive gaming setup with IKEA furniture that you can assemble.

IKEA furniture for gaming setups

We start, of course, with the foundation of any good play area, which is furniture. In these types of places for video game lovers, black is usually quite predominant and IKEA knows it. For this reason, most of the furniture adapted for these uses are of this color, although there are some alternatives.

If you don’t want to get too complicated combining different parts with tables, shelves and more, the FREDDE gaming desk is the perfect option. In it we have from the base table to put all our peripherals, a somewhat higher shelf where we can place the screen, small accessories to place our cables, more shelves to add decoration to our setup or the typical hole to pass cables and that these are much more organized.

Although we already know that the book of tastes is blank. So if you prefer to assemble each of the parts of your gaming zone without limits, you may be interested in this electronic gaming desk that IKEA has dubbed UPPSPEL . Here you can choose between different heights to use your setup, being able to save up to 4 different positions on the control knob of the table.

And if neither of the two previous options convinces you or you are looking for an alternative in another color, you can opt for this UTESPELARE from IKEA . A perfect desktop for gaming areas with a grid on the front and another on the bottom, which will allow us to have perfect cable management (at least if we spend a little time on it). As we mentioned before, this table is available in two colors: white or black.

The seat in the play area of a true gamer is also a fundamental aspect. That is why IKEA has taken this into account in its new range of products with the MATCHSPEL gaming chair . A product that we can buy in black with red details or in white with blue details. It has adjustable headrest and armrests, as well as reclining the seat to enjoy the best experience while you play.

IKEA gaming accessories for your setup

This manufacturer not only has furniture for its most gaming users. It also has a series of accessories that we can include in our gaming setup.

The first one you should know about is this desk mat that they have named LÅNESPELARE . With dimensions of 90 x 40 cm we can buy it in plain black, or opt for this more striking option that recreates the silhouette of a city.

The LED strips to color our playground are also a fundamental part of the gaming aesthetic. For this, IKEA has its DIODERs , which offer us a pack of 4 units that we can place in any area of our desk to change between 7 different colors from its controller. They may not be the best lights for your desk or they may not be smart, but they are a good inexpensive alternative.

If you are one of those who spends many hours playing and giving the mouse, you may have noticed that the cable of this peripheral ends up annoying, let’s say what we put it. To solve this problem, there are accessories such as the LÅNESPELARE from IKEA . A support that will always keep the cable stretched and high so that no movement in a shooter or an escape in time in LoL does not annoy us.

Finally, if you need a little light to make live shows or to create your TikToks, you can always opt for this pack from the LÅNESPELARE range of this manufacturer. It is a set of light ring and support for the mobile that, in addition, are fully articulated so that we can adjust it to our needs.

At this point, now you only need to include in your gaming setup your computer, a good monitor to play games and the peripherals to start enjoying the best titles in the best place.