Manage Calendar from Apple Watch: Create, Edit and Delete Events

Manage Calendar from Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is a device capable of saving us, on many occasions, taking the iPhone out of the pocket to perform according to actions such as answering a call, a message, changing the song we are listening to or even following the route marked by Maps. Today we want to tell you how you can manage the events on your calendar from your wrist, thanks, of course, to the help of the Apple Watch.

What do you need to manage your calendar from the Apple Watch?

The dependence that the Apple Watch has on the iPhone is great, although Apple has tried to “make it independent” with the LTE model, the truth is that it is a device that, if you do not use an iPhone, makes little sense. In this case, the dependency is evident, since you need an iPhone to be able to add the different calendars to your Calendar app and to be able to manage their events from your own Apple Watch. Therefore, let’s say that the first requirement that you have to take into account to be able to manage your events from the Apple Watch is to have an iPhone, and the second, to have added your different calendars to the Calendar application also on the iPhone.

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What can you do in the Calendar app on Apple Watch?

Once you have all your calendars configured in the Calendar application from the iPhone, the ability to interact with them from the Apple Watch is very great, and really, you can do practically everything from your wrist.

See events

Obviously, if you open the Calendar app on your Apple Watch you will be able to view all the events that you have pending from your wrist, for this you have to follow the following steps:

  • Open the Calendar app on your Apple Watch.
  • Rotate the Digital Crown to scroll through upcoming events.
  • Touch an event to see details about it.

As an extra, we give you a tip, and that is, if you want to go to the next event, we recommend that you touch the time, located in the upper right corner.

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Modify the calendar view

When it comes to seeing your calendar and the events that you have programmed in it, Apple Watch provides you with up to 3 different ways to do it: Coming Soon, List and Day, in this way you can choose the one that is more productive or aesthetically more beautiful . To do this, you just have to open the Settings app on your Apple Watch, touch Calendar and choose one of the three options.

If you want to see the calendar for the whole month, just touch in the upper left corner of any daily calendar, and to return to the daily view from the monthly view, you just have to touch on the screen. To move between different days and you are in Day view you have to swipe left, if you want to go back, or right, if you want to go forward, now, if you are in List or Next view, turn the Digital Crown.

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Add, delete or modify an event

Obviously, from the Apple Watch you can not only view your calendar, you can also modify it, either by creating a new event, deleting it or editing it.

  • Create an event: to create an event you will have to use Siri, you just have to ask it to create an event and it will be ready on your calendar.
  • Delete an event: in order to delete an event, it must first be created by you, if it meets this requirement, you just have to touch said event on the screen of your Apple Watch, choose Delete and select Delete item.
  • Edit an event: as we mentioned, the dependence of the Apple Watch with respect to the iPhone is very large in some points of the use of this device, and this is one of them, you can’t really edit any event from the Apple Watch, you have to resort to iPhone for it.

Respond to a Calendar invitation

If you receive any invitation to any Calendar, you can also reply to it from your Apple Watch.

  • If you see the notification the moment it arrives, scroll down the notification and tap Accept, Maybe, or Decline.
  • If you see the notification later, tap the notification in the list and then scroll to reply to it.
  • If you’re already in the Calendar app, tap an event to reply.

In addition, you can contact the organizer of the event by touching his name in the details of the event and, later choosing an option to contact him by phone, message, email or Walkie-talkie. You can also send them an email by tapping an event, scrolling to the bottom, and tapping Send Mail.

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Get directions to an event

If an event includes its location, Apple Watch can help you by indicating how to get to your destination. To do this, open the Calendar app, touch an event and choose the address.

In addition, if an event includes a location, you can also configure your Apple Watch to notify you when you have to leave the place where you are to arrive on time to the event, all based on estimated travel time and traffic conditions. To specify a specific time interval do the following:

  • Open the Calendar app on your iPhone.
  • Touch the event.
  • Choose Alert and select a different interval.