Instax Square SQ1: All Features, Availability and Price

Fujifilm has a new instant film camera and there are… quite a few. Still, the new Instax Square SQ1 offers enough reason to wish you had one. Especially if you are a lover of these types of proposals that allow you to have the captured photograph on paper and instantly. Although that involves risks, but that is in part the great attraction that these cameras have always had.

New Instax Square SQ1

Instax Square SQ1

Fujifilm has been offering a wide repertoire of instant cameras for years, the kind that allow you to take a photograph and have it instantly on paper. Surely you have seen and even used some of their Instax. Well, now the brand launches a new proposal.

The new Instax Square SQ1 is a very similar camera to the rest of Instax we’ve seen, especially the Instax Mini and Square SQ6. However, even knowing that all this is always something very personal, at the design level it seems much more attractive. Of course it is not the only thing, it also offers some news.

The design, as we say, is quite striking and minimalist at the same time. So much so that it could perfectly be the icon of a new photographic application for an iOS and Android application. Thus, the new Instax SQ1 has a square body where a small grip stands out on one side where the trigger is located. Then, in the upper corners we have the viewfinder (just above said trigger) and the flash.

This flash is nothing new, but it is how it improves exposure metering so that photographs come out with more natural lighting even when in use. A problem with just about any budget camera and many of these flashes that fire at full power. Something that could easily prove burned images.

We also have that in this camera the focus is not infinite again. This means that for close-ups the focus will be at about 30 or 50 cm. A technical decision that seems closer to us because it allows more realistic and attractive images in turn compared to those other cameras that focus everything.

For the rest, the most striking of all compared to more popular Instax models is that the photos are now 1.5 larger. This is mainly due to the change in format from panoramic to square. Yes, like the original photos that were shared on Instagram.

These photos can also now be printed on two types of film or paper. The first is called Instax Square Rainbow and the second Instax Square Monochrome . As you can imagine, the latter is for taking black and white photographs while the former differs by offering colored frames instead of white. Both arrive in packages of 10 photos each.

Instax Square SQ1

Available in three colors (Chalk White, Orange Terracotta and Glacier Blue) the new Instax Square SQ1 has dimensions of 130.7 x 118.6 x 57.5 mm and a prisoner of 390 gr, it uses two CR2 lithium batteries with the You can take approximately 300 photographs (30 Instax Square film packages) and its price will be 130 euros .

However, although the proposal is always very striking on a creative level, it continues with the same problem that for many such a camera supposes: the price of the film. The cost of these packages of film or photographic paper means that each of the snapshots have a cost of between 1 and 1.2 euros . A high price if it is compared to what a photograph printed in a similar size and taken with your smartphone camera applying a filter could cost if you want it to be more retro or striking.

Anyway, these have always been and will continue to be a great proposal for lovers of analog photography, for those looking for a creative tool or just want to make an original gift.