Huawei: How to Make a Collage with Photos in EMUI 10

Huawei‘s mobiles are full of features, although sometimes they are not so visible. Users download third-party applications to edit their photos, unaware that the solution is integrated into their own gallery. For this reason, we wanted to take a look at one of the most attractive options for Huawei mobiles with EMUI 10, such as creating a photo gallery.

How to Make a Collage with Photos in EMUI 10

Our mobile stores hundreds and hundreds of photos. Some are stored on our mobile to later jump to the cloud. On many occasions, we will never do anything with them, not even print them on photographic paper to immortalize the memory on some wall. However, if you have a Huawei mobile you can select many of those photos and make a collage.

What is a collage?

Collage is a very old technique that consists of gluing different images onto a canvas or paper. However, this can be applied to the photographic composition of several images, which may or may not belong to the same series. The result is a mixture of images that can be very spectacular.

collage de patos

How to do it on a Huawei mobile?

Enter the gallery

In order to create a collage on a Huawei mobile, the first thing we will have to do is enter the photo gallery. Once inside we will have to select the folder where the images are, since they can be images received by WhatsApp or taken by us with the camera. In any case, we can always select the “All photos” folder in case we have doubts about where exactly they are located.

crear collage Huawei

Selection of images

The next step is to hold your finger on an image so that the multi selector is activated. Now we can mark the images that we want to add to the edition . We can select between two and nine images from those that we have stored. Once marked, we will have to click on the “Create” icon that is shaped like a light bulb. When doing so we will see the “Collage” option on which we will have to press.

crear collage Huawei

Choose the template and finish

Now we will go to the screen where the system creates the collage with our images automatically. The phone will recommend the most suitable template between 52 basic and 29 aesthetic ones and will automatically optimize the layout. However we can modify the template and even add or remove the frame that surrounds the final result. Once finished, we will only have to click on the save icon in the upper right. The image generated with all the photos will go directly to our gallery where it is stored with the rest of the photos.