How often do you have to restart the router?

The router is one of the few devices that we always have on at home, along with the refrigerator. Its energy consumption is very low , but having it always on means that we do not have to worry about restarting it as it happens with other devices in the home. However, how often is it recommended to restart it? Restarting the router has many advantages, and we are going to collect them.

How often do you have to restart the router

IP change

One of the main reasons we restart the router is to change the IP address. Normally, after having the router turned off for about 10 or more seconds, and turning it back on, our IP address will change. This is useful if, for example, our IP is identified as foreign by some service, or if we have any concerns about our privacy instead.

RAM cleanup and bug fix

This is one of the most important reasons why we may need to reset the router. Over the weeks, and even months, the router’s RAM may fill up with data that has not been properly deleted, and there may even be a memory leak. In that case, we may have performance or temperature problems, and the best way to solve it is to restart the router.

Installing patches and expelling hackers

Routers usually install updates at dawn so as not to bother. However, some may require a reboot to ensure everything goes smoothly, and you may even need to manually install patches yourself .

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Another security-related reason may be the presence of hackers . Routers, not being among the most updated devices, can have vulnerabilities that allow a hacker to take control of the router. Some of those vulnerabilities may not have achieved persistence in the router , so resetting it may kick them out of your network. However, make sure you install the latest patch, as they may be able to exploit the previous vulnerability again.

How do I reset it?

Rebooting the router is best done as close to the software as possible, i.e. from the router’s admin panel. Suddenly cutting off the current to a device is not good, and for this reason it is necessary to avoid, for example, resetting a computer from the button if it is not essential.

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Therefore, if you are looking to restart the router and you do not mind that the IP is not changed, doing it from the web administration panel of the router is the best. If not, the next best option is to use some physical button that the router has. It is important not to confuse the power button with the reset button. The latter requires a paper clip to press, and that will completely erase all router settings and leave it as it came from the factory.

If you don’t, the only option left is to unplug and plug the cable back in . If you want to schedule the power on or off, you can do it with a smart plug every so often.

Conclusion: the more you restart it, the better

Rebooting the router frequently is a good practice. Restarting it once a month will always ensure the best performance, or at most every two months. It is not recommended to go more than two months without restarting it, since files can accumulate in the temporary memory of the device, so with a weekly restart we will ensure that we do not have performance problems.