GPS Tracker for Pets: 10 Best Models

Our pets are one more member of the family. Either because he has a dog, a cat or any other animal, the truth is that the company and the love they offer us make them our best friends. But, one of our biggest fears is that our pet gets lost. The solution? Bet on a locator in conditions.

We talk about a GPS collar that will allow us to control our pets at all times. Yes, through this interesting gadget you can always know where your dog or cat is. In addition, you have a wide catalog of solutions with which to choose the model that best suits your needs.


What to keep in mind to buy a pet locator

When choosing a product of this type, several details must be taken into account. To start, you must choose a model that is shaped like a necklace. Yes, any GPS locator should serve you, as it will monitor at all times where your pet is without major problems. But, you have to keep in mind that a dog or cat is not a car. Come on, when you park your vehicle, you know it will be there. But your pet is usually a curious animal. And that is a problem.

More than anything because, our beloved pets love to get into all kinds of nooks, jump, jump … Come on, they are not exactly quiet. And of course, if you do not have a locator adapted to the particular idiosyncrasy of a dog or cat, you will most likely end up losing it. So, much better to look for a specific model for pets, although its price is higher.


Another of the most important elements when choosing a product of this type, is to look for a model that is waterproof. Obviously, your plan is not that your dog or cat gets wet, but you have to anticipate all situations. Suppose you have the bad luck that your pet gets lost.

Apart from the initial scare, you have to keep in mind that it may rain while you are lost. And, if the locator is not waterproof , you will lose the signal. So, it is very worth the investment. It should also be noted that there are models that force you to hire a monthly subscription plan. The figure is usually really low (does not exceed 5 euros per month), but in return you have the guarantee of knowing that your pet will be located with total security at all times. Without more, let’s see the available models.

The Best GPS Tracker for Dogs and Cats

PAJ GPS Pet Finder

We begin this compilation with a GPS tracker for quite complete pets . We talk about a tool that offers a range of 2 to 3 days depending on the way you use. It has a weight of less than 30 grams, so your pet will not notice its presence, in addition to having some height features, such as the possibility of creating an alarm to send you a notification if your dog or cat leaves a perimeter of security created by you.

localizador PAJ GPS Pet Finder

PAJ GPS Pet Finder

EUR 49.99

GPS Locator for Cats

In the event that your pet is a cat, the ideal is to look for a model with more restrained dimensions. And this GPS tracker will be the best ally for you to control your cat. A product designed for this type of animals (it is smaller and lighter), in addition to having water resistance.

To say that this particular model is one of the most prestigious firms in the sector. And yes, it is necessary to hire a subscription of 3.75 euros per month, but in return you will have absolute control of the location of your pet.

localizador Localizador GPS para gatos

GPS locator cats

EUR 49.99


Another model to consider if you are looking for a GPS tracker for your pet, is this Muxan model. To start, right now it has a discount of 15 percent, a detail to consider. And, how could it be otherwise, this gadget has everything you need to know at all times where your pet is. All you have to do is send a message so that the GPS is activated and you can see its position in real time.

MUXAN Localizador de GPS

Muxan GPS Locator

EUR 41.99


Another height model is this TKSTAR GPS collar. Keep in mind that although a cat appears in the image, its dimensions make it a more focused product for dogs. Of course, it has the same features as the rest of the model. You can see in real time the position of your pet, but if you want to confirm its position more accurately, you just need to send a message, and in a few seconds you will receive the exact position and a link to Google Maps. What more can you ask!

TKSTAR Rastreador GPS


EUR 60.00

Weenect Cats 2

This particular tracker claims to be the smallest model in the market. Yes, a GPS collar that will become your best ally to know at all times where your cat is. And eye, that has no distance limit, which will allow you to have the peace of mind of finding your cat wherever it is.

Weenect Cats 2

weenect Cat 2

EUR 69.99

Kippy EVO Tracker

Following this compilation of the best GPS collars to control your pet, another of the most complete models on the market this Kippy EVO tracker. For starters, its 10 days of autonomy are a detail to consider. Not to mention the large number of functionalities such as the possibility of establishing a security perimeter, or even its LED flashlight that you can activate remotely to find your pet more easily.

Rastreador Kippy EVO

Kippy EVO Tracker

EUR 79.00

Tractive GPS Locator for Dogs

Another excellent option to keep in mind, with which you can control your pet with greater security, is this GPS tracker from Tractive. To say that this model also requires a subscription model of 3.75 euros per month. But seeing the good ratings you have on Amazon, this purchase is a total success.

Tractive Localizador GPS para Perros

Tractive GPS Tracker

Do you have a small budget? Then do not hesitate and bet on this GPS. It is exactly the same model as the one above, but in this case it is the previous version. And beware, it has a very interesting official price reduction, so it is an ideal model if you have little budget and are looking for a GPS collar for your dog or cat.

Rastreador Tractive GPS 

Tractive necklace

EUR 29.99

Invoxia Pet Tracker

This GPS collar for your pet has a very interesting peculiarity. More than anything because this Invoxia Pet Tracker model transmits its position every 5 or 10 minutes since it is moving, so you can always know where your pet is. In addition, its installation is really easy, in addition to having a really intuitive configuration.

Invoxia Pet Tracker

Invoxia Pet Tracker

EUR 119.00

Muxan GPS Tracker

To conclude with this compilation of the best GPS collars with which to monitor in real time where your pet is, we want to recommend this Muxan locator. We are talking about a really complete model, and that will allow you to create virtual fences with which to monitor your dog or cat in real time.

Muxan Rastreador GPS

Muxan GPS Tracker

EUR 49.00