Fix Error When Installing Patch KB4571756 in Windows 10

With Windows 10 20H2 just around the corner, Microsoft does not finish solving the myriad problems that appear when it comes to installing patches in previous versions of Windows. We always recommend installing the new Windows patches, both security and cumulative, as soon as they are available to be able to have the PC up to date as soon as possible. However, every so often we see how these updates give all kinds of problems, even before they are installed. And, unfortunately, it seems that Microsoft does not quite come up with the formula to solve them, repeating the bugs as it happens with KB4571756.

Last week, Microsoft released a new major quality (not security) update for all Windows 10 users: KB4571756. This update, in addition, is the same that has been released for Windows 10 20H2, the next version of the operating system that will reach all users in a few weeks.

Fix Error When Installing Patch KB4571756

Unfortunately, as time goes by, more users appear with problems when installing this new update. Fortunately, if we are affected by one of these errors, there seems to be a simple way to fix them.

Errors when installing the latest update of Windows 10 version 2004

This new cumulative update for Windows 10 is throwing all kinds of errors in Windows Update. The most frequent is the code 0x800f0922 , although many users are also seeing other error messages such as:

  • 0x800f081f
  • 0x800f0922
  • 0x8007025d
  • 0x800f0988
  • 0x8007000d

And even just a message that the update could not be installed because the update services were not available.

Users affected by these problems have tried restarting the computer, launching the Windows Update troubleshooter , and running the sfc and dism commands. And nothing has been successful.

Although Microsoft has not made statements about these bugs when installing KB4571756 , and has not offered any help so that users with problems could update their systems, the community itself seems to have found a little trick with which to install this patch.

Fix errors when installing KB4571756

According to many users on the net, one of the easiest and fastest ways to fix these errors when installing the latest cumulative update is to do it manually . The patch can be downloaded from here for free and secure. Once downloaded, we simply have to run it and let the wizard take care of everything.

When the installation is finished, we will have to restart the PC. And, when it starts up again, we can see that we now have our PC up to date, with this latest cumulative update installed and all the bugs it corrects (which are not few) up to date.

Considering that in a couple of weeks we could all receive the October 2020 Update , Windows 10 20H2, that Microsoft continues to make these mistakes is worrying. And worst of all, after a week, the company has not even admitted that there are problems or tried to help users who encountered those errors in Windows Update.