Essential programs if you spend many hours in front of the PC

We spend many hours in front of our computer, specifically looking at the screen, so in the long run our eyes can suffer from it. It is precisely for all this that it is advisable to take some precautions. Next, we will talk about a series of programs that you can install and use right now to reduce visual fatigue.

Essential programs if you spend many hours in front of the PC

In the event that we are one of those users who spend a good part of the day in front of a computer screen, in the future you may have problems related to visual health. Aware of all this, some software developers try to take care of our eyes with interesting projects that we can use right now. They are generally free applications that allow us to reduce visual fatigue to a great extent and thus prevent future eye problems.

In addition, at the same time these programs will allow us to be more productive if we use them correctly. It is for all this that we are going to show you a series of programs with these characteristics that you can download and use right now.

Eye saber vista programas

Eye saver

First of all, we find a program focused on protecting our eyes while we work with the computer. It is responsible for helping us mitigate the effects of blue light that can be so harmful to our eyes. Thus, the application filters the light emitted by the screen, making the colors warmer and more pleasant. At the same time, it eliminates the annoying invisible flickering of the backlight of our computer screen. In turn, we have the opportunity to program the functions offered by the application so that it starts working when we really need it, for example, when it starts to get dark.


We find the application with these characteristics that could be considered the most popular and used for years. With the use of this tool to reduce our visual fatigue we will have the possibility of adapting the brightness and color of the screen depending on the hours of the day. This is something we achieve by programming a personalized schedule that adjusts the parameters of the monitor to reduce the damage to our eyes.


By means of this software that we are commenting on now, we will be able to better manage the brightness of the screen in order to take care of our visual health. By configuring the program properly, we can reduce the fatigue of our eyes in the event that we spend many hours in front of this PC device. Dimmer allows us to program the aforementioned brightness depending on the environment that surrounds us at that moment in terms of its brightness.

Light bulb

This is a project equally focused on taking care of the health of our eyes through certain adjustments that we can carry out. Specifically, the program allows us to adjust the color temperature depending on the time of day and the existing light . In this way we can program the application to carry out different tests to check first-hand the changes in color and brightness throughout the day. Therefore, once we have configured these settings we can reduce visual fatigue .


Through this other application that we show you here, we will have the possibility of establishing the personalized maximum and minimum brightness levels . Next, the software solution itself is in charge of adapting these parameters of our screen based on the time of day and the brightness of the environment that surrounds us at that moment. On the other hand, it offers us a function to adjust the brightness automatically and thus prevent it from harming our eyes .