Do you want to kill everyone in PUBG Mobile? Eye to the recoil

Within any title, it is clear that new players are being added each time with whom competitiveness within the game will increase. For this reason, in the games that we are going to play more and more ‘pro’ players will appear, so aim will be a more determining factor than ever to be able to reach the end of the game and win.

One of the key aspects that we have to know how to control at all times will be the recoil in PUBG Mobile , also known as recoil. In this way, you can kill them all in a simpler way. But, for that, it will be necessary that you pay close attention to this series of tricks that we will give you.

kill everyone in PUBG Mobile

Control your aim

For those players who have just started their way in PUBG Mobile, they may not be very clear what recoil or recoil is , but surely they have already experienced the problem that occurs when we do not have great control. Basically, it is the natural behavior of the weapon that causes the barrel of this to deviate with each shot we make, that is, it is the movement of the weapon that we fire. Recoil usually causes the weapon to go up, but it can also swing sideways.

Play with the rotation

The best method for those just starting out is to counteract the upward movement of the weapon when we fire it. Although, the rotation settings that we will have within the configuration of this title will help us even more to control it at all times.

Rotación giroscopio PUBG MOBILE

By activating the rotation we will achieve better control of the weapons, since basically we will be using the gyroscope of the mobile to have greater control of the recoil of the weapons. Therefore, when it is enabled, we will only have to turn the mobile device downwards, instead of having to move the virtual joystick. To activate it we will have to go to Configuration> Basic> Rotation and click on Enable.

Get down

This little trick will be the easiest, plus it can be applied to any shooter title that has recoil in its weapons. We will only have to press the crouch button to make our character kneel. In this simple way, we will be able to drastically reduce the recoil of the weapons, making the shots go exactly where we want when we face someone at a medium or long-range distance, if it is face to face we do not advise you to opt for this method.

Change the sensitivity

Finally, we will also have to take into account the sensitivity within PUBG Mobile , since not all players have the same capabilities at first to control movement. Within its settings we will find four types: Low, Medium, High and Custom. Depending on the one we choose, we will change the speed of the camera by moving also pointing the weapon.

Sensibilidad PUBG MOBILE

For this reason, we must adjust the Sensitivity option when aiming with the sight, in addition to that if we activate the rotation we also recommend calibrating the Gyroscope Sensitivity to your measure.