How to configure your Realme mobile to avoid harassment and fraud

Surely at some point or another you will have received an SMS message or call that did not have very good intentions, either from a person you know or from a stranger. And believe it or not, it can happen on many occasions from the people you least expect. This is why Realme mobiles have a characteristic tool with which we can avoid fraud attempts and, above all, the harassment that can be suffered by the phone.

And it is that with a mobile from the Asian firm you can establish a series of filters or blocks with which we will ensure that no more contact can send us malicious messages. In addition, the best thing about this functionality is that it is integrated as standard in your operating system, so it will not be necessary to install any type of third-party application to carry out this configuration that helps us protect ourselves, both from unwanted calls and posts.

configure your Realme mobile to avoid harassment and fraud

Realme Fraud and Harassment Prevention

All the devices of this brand of mobiles with Realme UI will be able to benefit from the advantages of having this tool activated and configured. Also, not all brands allow as detailed customization as can be found in this manufacturer’s software layer.

And it is that the tool is mainly intended so that we can filter messages to avoid all kinds of fraud or harassment, and it also leaves us the possibility of blocking both incoming calls and unwanted messages , either by content or by a specific word . In this way, it will help us to establish that we get only one type of text that we want.

Bloquear y filtrar Realme

For example, one of its characteristics will be to adjust both the Black List and the White List . With these options, we will be able to establish different words with which we will be able to allow the arrival of texts or their blocking automatically without us having to do it manually. As well as the fact of setting a number to prevent it from trying to contact us in all the ways that a smartphone today allows us.

This means that, in the event that an SMS arrives, a notification as such will not be displayed in the notifications, but it will go directly to nothing. In addition, it becomes a good way that certain content does not reach us in a simple way. And that will also serve for those parents who give their children a mobile device. This tool allows us to carry out the following actions:

  • Establish unwanted contacts.
  • Filter messages and calls from specific numbers by adding them to the White List.
  • That content that has a specific keyword that we have established in the Black List does not reach us.
  • Identify unknown numbers.

How to configure spam messages

One of the first configurations that we will show you will be that of the texts that may reach us. And it is that if we investigate between the different settings of our mobile device it is quite likely that we will end up finding this functionality. More than anything, because surely at some point we have wanted to block some type of text or even unknown numbers on our smartphone. In the event that you have not found it on your own, you must follow the following steps:

  • Access your Realme settings.
  • Enter the Privacy section.
  • In the harassment and fraud prevention section you will find Block and filter .
  • Then, click on Blacklist.

Bloquear mensajes realme

In this option we will have to add the numbers manually so that we can avoid receiving SMS. In addition, if we click on Block messages , we can block all those texts that we have received that are not in our contact list.

Of course, we will have to set a series of keywords that we will have to add manually, in this way they will be recognized as spam. In addition, if later we want to continue adding more, it will only be necessary to repeat the process with those words that we want to go directly to it. If at a certain moment we want to eliminate them, it will also be possible by following the previous steps again and deleting the terms that had been marked. To have a series of established terms, we will manage not to see them on our smartphone. On the other hand, when adding them in the White List option, the numbers that we set manually will not be blocked. We can also select them from our phone book.

Avoid malicious calls

To avoid them in our Realme we have two options. With the first way we will have to follow the following steps: Enter the settings> Privacy > Block and filter> Block calls. Once we are in this menu, different options will appear:

  • Block all calls.
  • Block unknown numbers by region.
  • Block calls with a single ring.
  • Block calls from hidden numbers.

Therefore, we can configure the filters to block them in real time , so that no type of unknown number can contact us. The second option will follow these steps:

bloquear llamadas Realme

  • Enter the Realme phone app.
  • Click on the two vertical buttons at the top right of the screen.
  • Now select Block and filter.
  • In this section, click on Set rules.
  • Tap on Block all calls from unknown numbers.

However, when we click on this last option, our Realme will advise us that there may be some with an unknown number that may be of interest to us, they will be automatically lost. Logically we must ignore the warning and activate this functionality. Thereafter, anyone we receive that cannot be identified will be blocked by our phone. Which means that we will not see one of this type on your phone again and that all of these will not appear on the screen of your smartphone or in the history.

In addition, one of the novelties that came thanks to Realme UI 2.0 is that we can block them with a single ring and hidden that are marked by the smartphone itself as Spam, Annoying, Telemarketing or Real estate agencies. It even offers us the possibility of configuring the intensity of the blockade, from lower to higher degree.

Another advantage is the possibility of blocking those of strangers according to their region. This means that if you come from a specific country, it will be automatically blocked. To do this, click on Block unknown numbers by region> the “+” icon and choose the country or region you want to block on your smartphone.