Best Apps to check the price of gasoline on iPhone

The price of gasoline is one of the most important expenses you can have when you own a vehicle. That is why you are always looking for that service station that offers a much cheaper gas station. Instead of testing one by one, you can make use of different applications that aim to show you the price of the gas station at each gas station. Here we show you the best ones that can be found on the iPhone.

Best Apps to check the price of gasoline on iPhone

The features to look for

There are a wide variety of applications that have as their main characteristic the fact of consulting the price of gasoline. Although, you have to take into account some relevant characteristics that must be in the application so that you have the most satisfactory experience possible. These are summarized in the following points:

  • Interface:  in any application it is important to have an interface that is easy to use and this is achieved by making it quite intuitive. In many cases it can be easily found with applications that are aesthetically clean and have just the right functionality to be usable.
  • Confidence data:  when we talk about the price of gasoline, we must bear in mind that it changes every day. That is why these applications must always have a good database that provides prices that are constantly updated. If this is not fulfilled, then the application does not make much sense since the decision will always depend on this information.
  • Variety of gas stations:  another of the key points to take into account are the different gas stations that are in the database of each of the apps. Those that only have a brand or a company are not very useful, since variety must prevail and not only the main distributors. You should also look for those that include low cost gas stations .

Check the price of gasoline easily

In many cases it is not necessary to look for complex applications to be able to consult the cheapest gasoline. In this case we are going to collect those applications whose main and almost only mission is to check the price of gasoline without extra functions.



The best application to be able to locate the gas station that interests you the most at all times. You can apply different filters to find the gas station by the price of gasoline in your car, by proximity or by the quta in which you are going to travel. The objective is that you can locate the service station that may interest you the most. It is very useful for all drivers if you want to save money while on a route.

The gas stations closest to your position are shown thanks to the geoposition you can use. You will be able to enter the address or the area in which you want to track all these stations as well. In addition to the price of gasoline, you will see other data such as the rest of the store services or services that you can have. This is in addition to the fact that you can enjoy promotions from those gas stations that are attached to this app.

Gas stations in Spain

Spain gas stations

An application that is used by more than 500,000 drivers throughout Spain to save on gas station prices. It is an application that offers a reliable price of the gas station in different stations throughout Spain . You will be able to locate and consult the price of any fuel in an updated way. This will make it possible to simulate the fact of seeing the price at the gas station itself but before starting a specific trip.

In order to make it much easier to check the price of fuel, in the initial configuration you will be able to fill in the fuel that you must refuel in your car, either gasoline or diesel. If you make a good configuration you can also receive almost daily notifications to know at all times where the cheapest fuel is.



Essential application to be able to know the price of the gas station in Spain and to know exactly how much money it will cost to fill the entire tank. You can make a personalized list of your preferred gas stations to know the prices and the distance at which they are without having to constantly search for them. This without a doubt is really useful to always save you time.

Obviously in the initial configuration you will be asked for different information so that it works optimally. This includes the tank capacity. In addition, you have different filters at your disposal in which to choose those gas station companies that are most appropriate. You can choose if you want a specific brand to show you or remove those that are more expensive and that you will never go to have a map as clear as possible.



Know the price of the gas station in a few seconds with this application that is available in both Spain and France. You will have a map where you can find the gas station that is closest to your home. In addition, you will be able to enter a very specific road route to be able to accurately plan the gas stations that you are going to use on your way to have the most efficient trip possible.

As a differentiating feature, it has a budget tool in which you can keep up-to-date accounts of everything you spend on gasoline. In this way, the record will be much more complete and you will know exactly whether the price of gasoline has increased or not on a specific day by viewing all the previous refueling history in a comfortable way.

Gasoline Now

Gasoline Now

If you are running out of gas, this application will allow you in a simple and efficient way to locate all the service stations around you. It also includes all the low cost gas stations that are undoubtedly one of the most sought after today to save a little money on filling the tank of any vehicle.

Among the application settings you can choose all the filters you need to find your ideal gas station. It is an application that is available in France, Spain and Italy. You will not have to subscribe since it is totally free so you will have to start the application and start saving money knowing where it is more profitable to carry out your refueling.

1-2-3 Fuel

1-2-3 Fuel

Find the cheapest gas station in your area or along a planned route with this application that stands out for being very intuitive. All prices are always up-to-date since it has updated information from the main databases. This is a free application although it has a premium version that has many extra features.

Among these extra features are notifications in the form of notification of when the price of gasoline reaches a minimum. In addition you can also find statistics and also an application on the Apple Watch to quickly find your closest and cheapest gas station. This is a service that is available in France, Germany, Portugal, Italy and Spain.

Other applications with extra functions

Beyond these applications that are generalists and have the sole function of consulting the price of gasoline, others also have functions that are extra and that many people use on a day-to-day basis. We will show them to you below.

Google maps

google maps gasoline

The mythical Google browser, although its main objective is to guide you to a destination, it also has a space dedicated to gas stations. Among the configuration aspects that you have in the application is the option of entering the type of fuel that your car has. The list is quite extensive since in addition to fossil fuels you can also find other ecological options designed for electric cars especially.

Once you are on the road or when you are looking for a destination, you can choose to show all the gas stations around you. The main characteristic is that in the indicative globes on the map you will not see mainly the brand, but the price. In a clear way you will be able to have information about the price of gasoline in your surroundings thanks to this tool that integrates the Google browser.



Another navigator that helps you in driving that will also show you the price of gasoline in real time. The only problem it has is that it does not use a database as such where all gas stations provide their prices in an updated way. In this case, the database used is made by the users themselves. This can be a problem for accuracy but if you are in a large capital it may be quite well up to date.

The application detects when someone is at a gas station refueling and asks the price of each of the fuels, putting them in quickly. That is why when you are looking for a gas station in the application file, you can check the price of the fuel you need at any time.

The most recommended

There are many options that can be found in the App Store, but without a doubt we are left with a couple of them. The first is GasAll because of the interface it has and the possibility of introducing the different routes that you are going to take. In this way you will have data at all times of the price of gasoline when you are on a journey and also clearly choosing the fuel you need to use in your vehicle.

The second option is the 1-2-3 Fuel that has extra functions such as an application on the Apple Watch. This is ideal to be able to access this type of information immediately. Added to this are smart notifications so you know at all times when the cheapest gas is available in your area. It also includes different statistics to know at all times if there was a decrease or increase in fuel.