Avery 5160 Template for Google Docs

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Avery products are widely known for the variety of templates for print. Their templates are easily customizable and take only a few minutes to change as you wish.

A collaboration between Avery Products Corporation and Google has arrived as a great addition to Google Documents. The templates let you edit and print them quickly and use them for all purposes that can be imagined. The most popular uses include:

  • Name badges for classes and events
  • Price fields
  • Address labels for mail
  • Lists
  • Sticky staples

As for sending mail, Avery is proudly the best and most popular option in the US when suiting different envelope sizes. They look good in black and white as well as color.

This short article is going to dwell on Avery 5160 template Google Docs and the effective use of these templates.

What Do Avery 5160 Templates for Google Docs Look Like?

Avery 5160 template for Google Docs is a part of the free Avery Design & Print Online with a huge choice of Avery products and their updates.

They are so popular because of the simplicity and extremely user-friendly interface of Avery’s add-ons and software. As an extension for

Google Docs, Avery 5160 template works perfectly and can find easy use at home as well as for production and bigger manufacturing. There is simply a label for anyone’s liking and sphere of work.

How to Start Working With Avery 5160 Templates?

There are a few easy steps to start with the template:

  1. Install the Foxy Labels extension.
  2. Open Google Docs and find there Add-ons – Foxy Labels.
  3. Choose ‘Create new.’
  4. Pick Avery 5160 template.

Next, you are going to see a blank Avery 5160 template that can be used for both Google Docs and Google Sheets.

You can insert data from sheets or edit it to issue printing the document in this doc.

Is There the Only Way to Get Avery 5160 Labels Template?

In fact, there are several methods to get these templates. Foxy Labels may be one of the most convenient ones, but it’s also a good idea to download the label form to Google Drive.

For this, open Avery 5160 label template Google Docs in a new tab of your browser and make a copy of the file. Then, from Google Drive, edit and change the form as you need.

Another way to get it is to download it in pdf or Microsoft Word document.

How to Have Better Quality of Printed Labels With Avery Templates for Google Docs?

If you’ve been working with Google Docs for a long, you might not want to return to anything more. Yet, it can sometimes happen that printing from a browser distorts Avery template 5160 for Google Docs, and the ends of pages become cropped.

To make your labels smooth and flawless, try to use pdf. Edit the document in Google Documents and save it as a pdf file. It won’t eat the quality and will let you have an ideal printed sheet!