Advantages of Using MPC-HC Instead of VLC to Watch Videos

There is no doubt that the reproduction of video content is more widespread on our PCs than ever. For this we use programs like Kodi , VLC or MPC-HC for all this, at least locally. And it is that streaming video is also spreading to a great extent, as most of you will already know.

The truth is that when it comes to dealing with video content locally, there are many software solutions that we can use at the moment. Maybe if we look at the head, we get into the popular VLC that most of you know very well. But it is not the only one that we can benefit from.

Using MPC-HC Instead of VLC to Watch Videos

In fact, below we are going to talk about a veteran multimedia player in the sector and that for many is a better proposal than the aforementioned VLC. We refer to MPC-HC also known as Media Player Classic Home Cinema that you can download from here . It is true that it is a program that has not been updated for a while, but with everything and with it, it is still the favorite for many when it comes to enjoying their videos. For all this that we comment, in these same lines we are going to talk about some of the reasons why users from all over the world continue to use MPC-HC on their computers.

MPC-HC is a very light player

One of the main advantages that this powerful multimedia player does not offer is that it is one of the lightest that we are going to find. This means that when it is running it hardly consumes system resources, which will be very welcome for most. Especially for those who have a somewhat old or limited equipment in terms of internal specifications.

In addition to all this we can add that despite being so light, it is more than likely that most users do not miss anything at a functional level.

Its appearance is reminiscent of Windows Media Player

For the nostalgic, it is worth mentioning that this is software that looks very similar to the old Windows Media Player . Not in vain this is a software solution that has been around for a good number of years. That is why many are already used to or simply prefer this type of user interface, so in MPC-HC they find the perfect solution.

MPC-HC is compatible with most formats

Of course, despite the years it has been with us, or its somewhat retro interface, that does not mean that we are going to have compatibility problems here. With this, what we want to tell you is that the program is capable of reproducing practically all current video formats without any problem. In addition, thanks to its low consumption of resources, the potential failures in the fluency of the reproduction, are reduced with respect to other solutions.

Its interface is very customizable

To all the aforementioned we can add that the interface that the program makes available to us is fully customizable. It even has its own dark theme that we can set if we want.

interfaz MPC

Most of the parameters that we can use in this section that we comment on, we find them directly in the View menu of the main interface of the application. Thus, with a simple mouse click we can hide the control buttons, view the information of the video, its status, the menu, etc.