5 apps to find your pet if it gets lost

One of the greatest fears that we keep inside us is losing our pet and not being able to locate it in any way. Without a doubt, a situation in which no one wants to be involved due to the nervousness it generates and to avoid it as much as possible, you have a large number of apps at your disposal on your mobile to find it.

Technology has increased by leaps and bounds over the last decade and today there are all kinds of programs for your smartphone with truly useful purposes. One of the most recommended to download if you have a dog, cat or any other domestic animal are those that are used to locate the pet through GPS . An effective method with which you will avoid major misfortunes if by some chance you run away from home.

5 apps to find your pet if it gets lost

Find your pet with an app

This kind of system involves the integration of a chip inside its skin, although there are also other applications that allow the user to create a profile for their pet where they include photos or parks that they visit on a regular basis. That way, in the unlikely event that someone else finds you, you can easily get in touch. Others bet directly on facial recognition to register it in a database . The truth is that the possibilities are very varied and this time we have selected the 5 best apps to find your pet.


This application available for Android and iPhone is a collaborative platform to not only locate your pet, but also search for animals for adoption. Its operation is quite simple, since you just have to create a publication including a photograph of the animal, the place where it was lost, offer a reward or other parameters.

Wizapet encontrar mascota

Wizapet users will receive an alert if they are near the area and will be able to contact you via chat if they manage to find it. On the home screen you will come across a map where both lost animals and those that you can adopt will appear.

Tractive GPS

It is one of the most reliable options to find your pet, since it works through geopositioning. So that you will always have your pet located at all times and even regardless of the distance , since there is no limit. Hence, it is an extremely popular alternative. Of course, we recommend calibrating the GPS for optimal performance of its work.

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The best thing about Tractive GPS is that you can share your location with other users and even track activity and sleep, as well as set safe zones to receive a notification in case you leave any of them. Also, you can install it on any phone whether it is Android or iPhone .


A proposal similar to Wizapet, although perhaps with a simpler interface as well as an eye-catching one and that you can also download on Android devices or on an Apple iPhone . In PeTrace you can create an immediate alert in a matter of seconds and include an image to find your pet along with characteristics of interest in the case of being a fearful or aggressive animal.

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On the map, the rest of the users can consult both the user’s current location and the distance from the places where it was last seen. It also has a list where it shows all the lost animals and you can even set filters to sort them according to proximity.

Find lost pets

Once again we find a collaborative app whose operation is similar to the previous ones. Although it is true that perhaps the interface is somewhat more outdated, but it never hurts to take advantage of several similar options , because that way you will have more chances that someone will find it. The problem is that it is only available for Android systems .

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Each animal has a profile with images and characteristics and you can even easily access its location on the map with the push of a button. Of course, it integrates a chat to quickly communicate with the owner.

Tobby: Lost Pets

Finally, we have one of the most popular options to find your dog or cat and that is compatible with both the Play Store and the App Store . Mainly, because it has an incredible community that does not stop its work and even the entity itself shows its help through activity and dissemination on social networks to locate the pet as soon as possible.

Tobby encontrar mascota

The comments and opinions of the users are extremely positive and for this reason we encourage you to read the reviews to see for yourself. There are many people who have managed to find their pet thanks to the help of users and the company itself and that is why it is not only characterized by a methodology similar to the previous ones.