3 ways to convert from Word to PDF (and vice versa)

If we need to save a Word document as a PDF, we can generally do it from the text editor itself . When saving the file in Word we can select “Save as PDF” directly from the program itself . But we can’t always do it or you just need websites to convert Word documents to PDF because you don’t have Microsoft‘s text editor installed. In that case, we can use many pages that work as a converter to change the format.

We can do the process from Word to PDF or from PDF to Word. The latter can be useful if we need to edit the content of a PDF, for example, and we want to convert it to text. There are free websites that allow us to upload the file and automatically have it in the opposite format and in the next paragraphs we will show you some of the most useful ones.

3 ways to convert from Word to PDF (and vice versa)


The best way to convert it is from Adobe itself, which offers us the possibility of converting it directly from its website without having to register or download the program on our computer, tablet or mobile phone. We simply have to go to Acrobat Online and at the top go to the “Convert” menu where we can open a drop-down menu with all the possible options : from PDF to Word, from PDF to JPG, from PDF to Excel, from PDF to PPT… Or to reverse: convert to PDF. We will simply have to find the file and drag it.

We can convert all the documents we want to PDF, including one from Word. You simply have to go to the page and touch the “select a file” button, we look for the document on our computer, we select it and we wait for it to complete the process. You will see a circle that indicates that it is “converting” and it will take a few seconds. When it is ready, we can download it or use tools such as editing, filling, deleting…

Adobe word a pdf

I Love PDF

This website allows us to convert Word documents to PDF, the same as the original file, but it also allows us to convert a PDF into Word to be able to edit it. It is one of the best websites that we can turn to in these cases because it has all kinds of practical tools for these files regardless of what you need.

We can manage or work with a PDF to join it, divide it, delete pages, order it, extract pages… We can also rotate it, insert page numbers, edit it, insert a watermark, sign, protect, unlock, repair, compress. And it also gives us the option to convert from different formats like PowerPoint to PDF, JPG to PDF, Excel to PDF or HTML to PDF. The process is very simple and will only take a few seconds.

Simply go to the ILovePDF website and tap on the “select WORD documents” button. Upload the files here and wait for the process to download the PDF to complete.

I Love PDF


Another of the best websites to convert Word documents to PDF and vice versa is SmallPDF. It is completely free, online, without downloading anything and with all kinds of tools. At the top of the web page we can go to the “tools” menu where it gives us all the possible options to convert or edit the different files. Like the previous one, it allows us to edit a PDF, add pages, delete pages, protect, join, divide, unlock, sign. But it also allows us to convert to different formats and from different formats.

We can convert from PDF to Word, Excel, PPT and JPG. Or from these files to PDF. The one that interests us is the Word one, so we go to the tools menu and click on it to be able to carry out the conversion for free from the web page. There is no registration or installation required and it is completely free.

Simply go to the Word to PDF converter and drag the files. A few seconds will pass and you will see an icon that indicates “converting” until you finally have the resulting file. We can download it, export it, share it on other platforms…