1BITDRAGON, Program to Make and Compose Music on Your PC

If we are music lovers and composing is one of our passions for which we believe we have a certain ability, it is possible to use our computer for it. Beyond using our guitar or any other instrument we have to make our compositions, we can always choose our PC as a help method. To do this, we can use a program like 1BITDRAGON . Behind this curious name is a program with which we can create and compose our own music, as we are going to tell you below.

1BITDRAGON, is a small software developed by Nicolas Morin so that we can create music, allowing us to obtain our own songs and melodies in a matter of minutes. It is designed to be simple, fast and fun. Contrary to what it may seem, you do not need any kind of musical experience to use it, or any kind of training in this regard.


With this application it is possible to create basic melodies in a few steps and compose a song in minutes. We can create complex musical compositions simply by drawing on the screen and record our tracks once they are finished, exporting them as WAV or MIDI files.

That is why we are talking about software that we can consider ideal for composing all kinds of melodies, especially electronic music, indie game music, as well as, for example, to teach children and beginners how a DAW works. All this from an application that allows us to carry out the task with a few simple configurations.

1BITDRAGON simplifies the music creation process

Once we run the application we find its simplified interface , easy to understand and use. Although we must say that it is completely in English, which can be a small handicap for some users when starting to work with this program. In it we will see that each track is represented with a grid ready to be modified at any time.

1BITDRAGON interfaz

To use melodic tracks we can choose between 175 high quality virtual instrument sounds that we can draw on the grid. It is also possible to enter up to 66 patterns that are included in the program and play with up to 396 variations to achieve the desired result. In this way we can put together several patterns and quickly put together a track.

1BITDRAGON instrumentos

On the other hand, we will have 150 high-quality handmade drum sounds that are presented in single-line grids that will help us to mark different rhythms or add new points to play our own rhythms. We can also work with any of the 24 scales that we find preselected, in order to keep the whole set well tuned. In addition, we will have a list of 24 presets that will give our melodies a little more rhythm and movement, allowing us to see all the notes of each track and the rhythm on the screen at the same time.

1BITDRAGON compartimiento de Presets

We cannot ignore the presence of a Euclidean rhythm generator that generates rhythmic patterns with natural sound, its internal 64-bit audio processing engine with several built-in effects, as well as its live mode, which gives us total control. about the sound while recording a file in WAV (44.1 kHz, 16-bit, stereo .wav files).

When it comes to exporting our tracks with the final results, we can do it in MIDI files. In this way, we can take patterns from there to the DAW and direct them to other virtual instruments. It is a pity that the program does not support, at the moment, any type of plugins, which limits its scope a bit.

Conclusions: Is 1BITDRAGON the software we need?

Without a doubt, 1BITDRAGON is an interesting application that has all kinds of tools with which to create music. Even if we don’t have much prior knowledge, we can make our first pines out of it. Of course, we cannot deny that if we want to make the most of its functions, it is almost inevitable to have a minimum of knowledge and not get lost among its various composition options. In addition, it is only in English, which can be another handicap when starting. Luckily, its price is not too high, $ 20. Of course, we miss that they do not have a more limited free version or a trial version with which to use the program before deciding to checkout, something that can make us decide on other options on the market.


1BITDRAGON is a multi-system program, being compatible with both Windows, macOS and Linux. Of course, it is a purely commercial application, so in order to start using it it will be necessary to pay for its license, which has a cost of 20 dollars and that we can acquire from the developer’s own website .

Unfortunately, the application does not have a free version, not even a trial version for a limited time with which you can fiddle with before deciding on your purchase. So, if we want to test the application, we can only do it by purchasing it. Upon purchase we will receive two .zip files, one with the application that occupies about 50 MB (Windows) and another with demo songs that has a weight of 161 KB

The minimum system requirements for Windows are:

  • Windows 7 (SP1 +) and Windows 10.
  • Processor with x86, x64 architecture with support for SSE2.
  • 500 MB RAM
  • Graphics compatible with DX10, DX11, DX12.
  • 200MB of available storage.
  • Drivers officially supported by the hardware vendor.

Alternatives to 1BITDRAGON

If we are looking for a program with which we can compose our own songs from the computer, we suggest some alternatives to 1BITDRAGON to take into account.

FL Studio

This is possibly one of the most complete DAWs on the market, with an intuitive interface that incorporates different tools and libraries so that we can start working effectively with your mixing console. In addition, you have free updates for life when you buy your license. We can download it from this link .

Pro Tools

It is a program to create music well known within the music industry, since it is professional software. It has different versions, from a free one for beginners who are beginning to take their first steps in creating music, to the more professional versions. We can download any of its versions from here .

Magix Music Maker

This application allows us to create music without having knowledge of musical notes and instruments. It offers us the possibility of mixing and producing music without the need to have previously taught, combining different sound elements such as first-class audio loops, simple and virtual instruments. So we can create our own first-class productions and effects, as well as mix high-quality music. Aimed at both professionals and novices, Magix Music Maker can be downloaded from its website.