Xiaomi has the best trick to listen to music on YouTube with the screen off

Listening to music on YouTube has its advantages compared to the rest of the platforms and that is that inside you can find songs that are not on any of the others. However, the main drawback it presents is that it needs to keep the screen on continuously, generating disproportionate battery consumption, although Xiaomi has a solution to your problem.

The mobiles of the Chinese technology giant, whether they are from Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO, have a hidden trick that many are unaware of and that opens the door to listening to content on YouTube with the screen off . In this way, you will reduce energy consumption and you will be able to listen to music at all times without the fear of pressing any part of the screen and causing an unfortunate action.

Xiaomi has the best trick to listen to music on YouTube

Xiaomi’s hidden trick

The MIUI layer of the Android operating system by Xiaomi enjoys a huge reputation due to its enormous customization capacity, as well as the very interesting functions that it hides inside . One of the ones that has taken the longest, and also one that has gone unnoticed, is the one that allows you to listen to music, podcasts or interviews without the need for the screen to remain on.

This has been made known by the user known as Eliannyanez on TikTok , where she has published a video showing the hidden trick that Xiaomi has on its smartphones. In the video in question, he shows how the operation is quite simple and does not have much difficulty, since it can be found following these steps:

  1. Open the settings of your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO mobile.
  2. Locate and access the “Special functions” section.
  3. Inside, enter the “Video Toolbox” section.
  4. Check the boxes for “Video Toolbox” and “Shortcut to Video Toolbox”.
  5. Then select “Manage Video Apps” and search for YouTube.

caja vídeos Xiaomi

Now, you just have to open YouTube on your Xiaomi and choose any song or audiovisual piece. On the right side there will be a tab that we can unfold to open the Video Toolbox. In this small window you can select the option “Play sound with the screen off” . It will be then that the screen will go black, but the sound will continue playing without any interruption. An effective method to save battery and enjoy music anywhere.

Special functions

Within the “Special functions” section of the settings you can discover a wide number of interesting tools that you can fully squeeze into your Xiaomi , Redmi or POCO. Below we are going to review some of them so you can discover everything your phone can do:

Funciones especiales Xiaomi

  • Game Turbo : this mode of your smartphone is used to boost the performance of the device and make playing a unique experience. To do this, it increases the sensitivity of the screen, improves touch controls and decreases WiFi latency.
  • Floating windows : thanks to MIUI, there is the option of opening an application above another through a floating window with just a swipe down, although in the corresponding section you can find a short usage tutorial.
  • Second space : it is a tool that helps you have a safe space inside your Xiaomi mobile.