How to Use the Lite Mode in Xiaomi, the Option that Makes MIUI Easier

Xiaomi‘s options never cease to amaze us, finding us with possibilities to do with our mobile practically everything we need. This leads us to find Xiaomi’s lite mode , an option that tries to make it easier for users to use in a way that we had already been able to see previously.

Among the manufacturers that have a similar mode, we remind Samsung that for years it has integrated a simple mode that, in the same way that we see now in Xiaomi, changes above all the aesthetic section of the system to achieve its main purpose, to bring technology to any Username.

The debut of the lite mode on MIUI 12

This option has been integrated into Xiaomi phones for the first time in MIUI 12, making it possible to enjoy its advantages for users who have the latest version of one of the most popular customization layers. This “easy” mode of Xiaomi is also maintained in MIUI 12.5 and is expected to continue in the following versions given what it contributes.

Not all Xiaomi with MIUI 12 can use it

Unfortunately, as we have already seen on many occasions, Xiaomi does not extend the same functions to all smartphones and in this case the change is also present. Not only will it be worth having MIUI 12 in our terminal, but it must be one of those chosen to enjoy it. Among them are of course the high-end Xiaomi and most of the mid-range.

xiaomi miui 12

The terminals that are left out of being able to enjoy this option and that cannot use it are the input range as is the case of the Xiaomi Redmi 9A, Redmi 9C or other smartphones of previous generations such as the Redmi 8A, a series of terminals that due to benefits, the company has decided not to integrate these options that hinder its good performance.

Steps to activate lite mode

In this case the lite mode does not require any complex process and is basically within the reach of any level of knowledge about the technology. What we will have to do to put it into operation is to enter the device settings and slide through the options until we reach the so-called “Special functions” that appear in MIUI 12.

modo lite xiaomi

The next thing we should do when we find the different MIUI tools is to touch on the lite mode. If in our case it does not appear, we will be using one of the Xiaomi phones that do not have all the tools as we have seen before. Once inside, just click on “Activate lite Mode” and after a few seconds in which you will have to process the change, we can enjoy this mode.

To deactivate this option we will have to do the same, repeating the process of Settings> Special functions> Lite mode. But we also have the possibility of removing the lite mode in a faster way, since in the settings with the lite mode activated, a top bubble will appear where we only have to press it to deactivate this mode.

What changes on mobile?

The changes that occur on the mobile once we have activated this lite mode are visible at first within the settings, since one of the biggest modifications that occurs is that the text changes its size to become larger and therefore all the more legible. This also affects screen zoom, making all items larger and more recognizable to the naked eye.

modo lite xiaomi diferencia

As we can see on the left side of the images we have the lite mode activated, while on the right it is the serial status. Although there is no option to change, the increase in size causes us to have to scroll more to be able to read everything. A change in size and dimensions that is also noticeable in the system apps, both those that Xiaomi brings on its mobiles and many others that are compatible with these modifications.

modo lite xiaomi diferencia

One of the biggest changes occurs on the home screen since it applies an automatic order to the options, while also modifying the system grid . The icons also grow in size, making it easier to access each of the apps. In this case, we can also choose the order and establish preferences.

Who is this mode for?

Although this Xiaomi option can be good for anyone, those who may need a larger size in the icons, options and texts are undoubtedly people with vision difficulties, such as older people. With this we will make them less prone to involuntary or incorrect touches on the screen.

How to create our own lite mode

In case our mobile does not have MIUI 12 or if they have it or is able to enjoy the lite mode, we can always use it in our own way. This consists of a series of steps that we can also do in MIUI 11 or MIUI 10, allowing almost any Xiaomi smartphone to use the tool in one way or another.

modo lite manual xiaomi

The first thing we will do is enter Settings> Home screen, in this section we can touch on Icon size , which allows us to adjust it to an XL size that will greatly facilitate our vision. Once we are in this section, we can also touch on “Home screen” to choose if we want to use the application drawer or on the contrary not to use it, something that will be up to our choice depending on how simple or complex it is.

The next thing we can do is access the Settings> Screen> Text size section. Here we can also set an XXL size or according to our needs. Finally, what we still have to do is adjust the grid, which only has differences with the lite mode.

modo lite xiaomi miui manual

In this case, what we must do is go to the home screen, pinch the screen and touch on settings. Here what we do is choose a grid with a 4 × 6 layout so that we have fewer icons on the screen . If this is not enough for us, we can always place the icons so that there are none near each other.