Tips for Drying a Wet Mobile

One of the most common fears of anyone today is that their mobile device will get wet and that it will break forever, especially if they have just bought it. As much as we have a case, tempered glass, Gorilla Glass protection and IP67 or IP68 protection , fear is always present in our minds.

The fact is that there are different methods that will help us dry our mobile before it is impossible, or at least they could be of use. For this reason, we are going to review both a series of tips that will really serve us as those myths that under no circumstances should we follow if we want the mobile to resurrect after being completely wet.

If your mobile has gotten wet …

Whether it is due to a simple carelessness or bad luck that causes our mobile to fall into the water, we do not always have to put ourselves at the worst. Therefore, we will explain how to dry a wet mobile step by step .

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Dry the outside

The first thing to do when your mobile gets wet is to run to dry it outside . Forget completely using dryers, fans or the like, since it could even be counterproductive since the only thing we would achieve is that the water gets more into the mobile device.

Therefore, you will have to take a kitchen towel or a napkin that is super absorbent enough to eliminate all the drops and rest of water that the mobile will have in its different slots.

Also, there is the possibility of disassembling the device to be able to clean it correctly inside, that is, to dry each of the internal components and thus be able to see if any of them have been seriously damaged by water. But, if in your case you do not have great knowledge to proceed to disassemble it, it is best to go to a specialized technician who is in charge of doing it.

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Put the speaker to maximum

Although it may seem like it doesn’t make sense, it does. A senior Xiaomi official proposed to put the speaker at the maximum volume of our mobile device in order to expel the greatest amount of water from the mobile. How is it possible? Everything will be thanks to the vibrations that the speakers will produce. Of course, for this we must take into account that our mobile can turn on.

Use alcohol

Another very effective method to give a wet mobile a second chance is isopropyl alcohol . As impossible as it may be to believe, we will have to submerge it in another liquid in order to dry it. This is due to the fact that the alcohol, which evaporates without a trace, also manages to carry away the remains of the water found in the terminal.

One of the positive points of alcohol is that, if they have high levels of purity , it evaporates without leaving a trace wherever it passes. In addition to this, it will be able to drag all the water that is on the way. Therefore, if you do not know what to do if your mobile gets wet, you can choose this option that will quickly eliminate the water found in the electronic circuit of the device.

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So you will have to completely submerge the wet mobile in alcohol , leaving it only a couple of minutes so that it reaches the same places as the water, not a second more. In addition, it is recommended that we do this without the battery and with the terminal turned off. So those who have a mobile in which the battery is not so easy to remove, will have to choose to disassemble it and remove the battery, or choose another method. After removing it, we will have to try to turn on the mobile device when we see that all the alcohol has dried.

Hasn’t it worked?

Some of these methods might work if there was no short circuit inside the terminal when it came into contact with water. In addition, it is important that no type of corrosion has occurred inside. If so, there will be a chance to save it. However, in case of having used all the previous methods and not achieving results, we can choose to put our mobile in an airtight bag along with silica bags , which we can find in some products and is usually found in many clothing boxes.

Beware of rice

It is quite likely that you have heard of putting your mobile in rice if it has gotten wet. But, the harsh reality is that sometimes it can work perfectly and other times it could even be worse for our mobile device. Everything will depend on whether when getting wet has not caused any type of electrical short circuit inside.

Although rice contains particles that allow it to absorb the moisture that has remained inside the mobile device, in the long run it can be much worse. This is because it can worsen the situation of our terminal. Basically, because its grains can sneak into the mobile making the situation worse and damaging the interior of the device.

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So if it is the case that the mobile turns on after having placed it in a bowl with rice, it may be because the water has moved to the outside of the mobile, or it has simply evaporated. The problem is that solders that have come into contact with water will also have oxidized and will be weakening if the terminal does not have some kind of protection against splashes or water. And it will also depend on the type of water , since if it contains salt it will be much more harmful and corrosive.

Don’t give it heat

When your mobile gets wet and you don’t know what to do, under no circumstances should you apply heat to it using dryers, stoves, ovens or microwaves. This is because cell phones have electronic circuits that could be damaged if exposed to a high heat source. In addition, it is a fact that electronics work better the colder the circuits inside are. Even if metal and plastic parts are heated, they could melt due to excess heat.