This website tells you where to find a specific movie

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Numerous streaming platforms are available, and you might have subscriptions to three, four, or even more of them. When it’s time to watch a movie, the uncertainty about where to find it can be frustrating. Manually checking each platform, opening Netflix, searching there, then switching to HBO, and so on, becomes a time-consuming hassle. To eliminate this frustration and save time, it’s best to learn how to locate the content easily.

While some movies are straightforward to locate based on common sense, such as Disney+ being the home of Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney movies, others are not as simple. Streaming rights change, movies appear and disappear from catalogs, and what was once on Netflix might now be on Prime Video, or what was on Prime Video might now be on Disney+. The constant shuffle makes finding the content that interests us a real challenge.

To resolve this issue, here’s the easiest way for you to discover where a specific movie is available for streaming.

Use a Chromecast or Fire TV

One of the most efficient methods to locate any movie and access it directly is by utilizing devices like the Chromecast with Google TV or the Amazon Fire TV. Both of these devices offer powerful search capabilities, allowing users to find content either through the search engine or by using voice commands. Once you enter your query, the device will automatically display all the available results based on the installed apps.

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Whether you are searching for a particular movie or exploring more general topics like “Brad Pitt movies,” these devices will present you with a comprehensive list of feature films across all the platforms available on the device. This streamlined approach simplifies the process of finding and accessing your desired content, making it a convenient option for those who own these devices.

Use an app or web: JustWatch

The most effective solution to find the whereabouts of a movie is by utilizing a specialized website or application like JustWatch, which proves to be a valuable tool at our disposal. It offers the convenience of both web and mobile app access, allowing users to stay connected at all times.

The true strength of JustWatch lies in its ability to cater to all our platform preferences. From widely known ones such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Filmin, HBO Max, SkyShowtime, and Movistar Plus+ to lesser-known platforms like FlixOlé, fubo, Hayu, Starz, and Plex, it covers an extensive array of options.

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To begin, we can mark the platforms we have subscriptions to by selecting their icons at the top of the screen. This way, we can easily determine if the movie we seek is available on any of them. Upon entering the movie’s name into the search engine at the top of the page, the film tab will display different choices, categorized into three rows: where to stream, where to rent, and where to buy.

Of these options, the most pertinent one is “where to stream,” and JustWatch offers various filters to cater to our preferences—free, SD, HD, or 4K quality. Upon selection, the platform icons corresponding to the movie’s availability will be shown.

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An impressive advantage is that JustWatch not only informs us about the movie’s location but also provides direct access to play it on the respective platforms when clicking on their icons.

The user experience remains consistent when using the app. By simply searching for any movie or series, JustWatch will instantly display where it can be watched and the maximum quality available, streamlining the entire process for us.

Other options

If using a specific website is not your preference, there are alternative options available. Filmaffinity has long served as a reliable source for locating movies or series that pique our interest. Although it may not offer as many platform choices as the previous website, it remains a familiar platform many of us have used.

To find the movie you desire on Filmaffinity, simply conduct a search, and the usual tab will provide essential details such as the title, year, duration, director, cast, and more. Additionally, you’ll find the synopsis, rating, and comments from users. For information on its availability, scroll down and look on the right side of the page, where you’ll see the “Available in” section.

Within this section, you’ll encounter three similar subsections: subscription, rental, and purchase. To determine where the movie can be streamed, focus on the “subscription” segment, which will display the logos of platforms where the movie is available. Click on each logo, and it will lead you to the film’s corresponding link on the respective platform. This way, you can quickly access the movie of your choice without hassle.