This computer is smaller than an Xbox Series S and carries SteamOS

This computer is smaller than an Xbox Series S and carries SteamOS

Since Valve launched its Steam Deck in early 2022, the game on PC has undergone a radical change because many already perceive, finally, a consolidation that can benefit the platform, always so static and tied to that desktop configuration that is the same one we use to work, for example. So having an official Gabe Newell portable model and a desktop clone is something that would come in handy for those of us who just want to have a computer to play.

Steam Machine vs Xbox Series S.

Smaller than an Xbox Series S

The fact is that it has been the YouTube user ETA PRIME who has thrown the blanket around his head and has decided to set up a kind of desktop Steam Deck to connect it to a monitor (or two) and enjoy games with a quality more than acceptable. Do not expect the same performance of a 3,000 euro computer with a graphic card that will take your breath away, but of course it will help you to enjoy all the releases that come from the hand of this generation.

In the video that you have right here below you can see what this Steam Machine is like, which has very compact hardware inside a casing that is smaller than that of an Xbox Series S, which is the most modest console of the new right now generation, but very competent not only for the most recent releases, but also for emulation tasks of old consoles such as PS2, PS3, GameCube, etc.

As you can see in the demo video of this Steam Machine (with SteamOS 3) it defends itself without problems with games in 1080p and high quality in the level of detail, even allowing us to place the access interface of the store and the purchase library on 2K monitors or more. Even do it with two at the same time, thanks to the double HDMI output it has.

prepared for everything


This Steam Machine is not exactly lame, and that is why it mounts an Intel i7-8809G processor accompanied by 16GB of 2,400 MHz DDR4 RAM , an RX Vega M GH Graphics with 4GB of VRAM and all kinds of connectors both on the front and rear. For example, four USB-A, another USB-C, ports for headphones and microphone and even a slot to add external storage.


If we look at the back, we will find another four USB-A connectors, two HDMI, as many mini Display Port and also two Ethernet for wired network . Obviously we can connect both gamepads via USB and wireless thanks to the possibility of using Bluetooth. And, without a doubt, the best controller that will work with this machine is the one that Steam launched a few years ago, do you remember? Its name was the Steam Controller and they are no longer officially manufactured, although if you want one it can cost you a lot (more than 300 euros on Amazon).

At the moment it is an absolutely personal project that we doubt will reach the stores en masse. Although if you are handy and have free time, go ahead, in the description of the video you can see all the necessary components to make one.