The best websites to play online pools

The best websites to play online pools

At this point, few actions can not be performed online. In the past, we had to remember to go to a lottery administration to be able to confirm our weekly selection of pool predictions . Nowadays, you can still go to visit your trusted lottery if you prefer, but you can also play without leaving home thanks to the Internet.

Next, we are going to review some of the best options to be able to take the pool online.

Lotteries and State Bets

To begin with, we cannot fail to recommend the official website of the State Lotteries and Gambling Society (SELAE) itself , which for a few years has allowed you to play all its games online and without the need to go to an administration to confirm your shares.


As for the Quiniela, you can play simple, multiple, conditioned or reduced . The format is quite simple, allowing you to click on the choices between 1, X and 2 in each of the 15 match lines and, in a drop-down menu, you can add or reduce the number of doubles or triples.

Once you have filled out the ticket, the website itself will be in charge of calculating the value of your bet and you can proceed to make the secure payment directly on it and with the guarantee and peace of mind of being before the official body in the event of any eventuality.

miloteriaonline is the virtual store of the Lottery Administration nº 285 of Barcelona. This administration is equipped with the best technological means that will allow you to participate in the different State games (National Lottery, EuroMillions, Quiniela, Primitiva, El Gordo de la Primitiva, BonoLoto and Quinigol) in different methods: simple, multiple and reduced. The latter stand out, since from you can play the best reductions on the market in each of the games.


All paid bets are validated in the official administration of State Lotteries and Bets and transactions are secure through encrypted protocols. In case of being awarded, you will not be charged any commission for your prizes, everything you win is for you.

Your Lottery

The web version of TuLotero, one of the best-known lottery websites, allows you to play Quiniela in a simple way and also without commissions. We will pay the same amounts as when we do it through Lotteries and State Bets, without additional commissions .


Prizes are automatically debited from your balance account . You will be able to see all the movements of your account by pressing on the balance you have and you will see the income of the prize. You do not need to go to any physical administration to collect it. No prize commission is charged, it is entirely for you. In the upper box on the left you will find the “withdraw” button, in which you will have to enter your account number (IBAN) and the amount of your prizes that you want to withdraw so that they can make the deposit.

This website has 695 associated administrations , which guarantees that the service is provided as it should.