Succeed on Halloween with the best Squid Game costume

best Squid Game costume

After the overwhelming success of The Squid Game, it is not surprising that many decide to dress up as one of its characters this Halloween. If you had also thought about it and were not sure where to start looking, here are some suggestions with which to get the best possible costume related to the series.

Become a character in The Squid Game

El juego del calamar

Although its popularity has decreased, something logical once everyone who wanted to see it already did, The Squid Game has been a revolution within Netflix . It has become the most viewed in history, has generated significant benefits for the service and even forced to make certain changes regarding how the success of the content is measured.

For that reason and because it is sure that it will continue to give something to talk about as certain dates approach, we are going to show you a series of masks and costumes in case you want to take advantage of festivities such as Halloween to become one of its characters . Of course, if you want to be one of the players, choose wisely if you don’t want to end badly.

From 001 to 456, who do you want to be?

El juego del calamar

Okay, there are not all the numbers because it would be a real madness, but with these pants and sweatshirt you can feel like one of the main protagonists of The Squid Game. And it is that, this characteristic set is the one that the participants had on during the different tests that they had to pass if they wanted to achieve the final price.

In the same way, to complete and achieve a much more realistic appearance, you will also have to get white sneakers as close to the ones they wear. If you search online you will see that there are different models that look like them, but there are two of the most exact.

The first is this Vans Classic Slip-On sneaker model. A model that are completely white and are made of 100% canvas.

The second option are from Tommy Hilfiger, to be exact they are the Essential Nautical Slip On model. Of course, you can manage with a shoe that you already have at home, but it is not for us to give you alternatives so that you go as realistic as possible.

The masks of the guards

The Squid Game guards not only wear a striking red hooded jumpsuit , but also masks with different geometric figures (circle, square or triangle). These serve to avoid being recognized by the participants (something that if they happened would cause them to be “eliminated” as well) and to establish a hierarchy system inspired by the ants . So, it is not the same to have a circle or a triangle. According to its design, there will be someone who is a command and the other a simple “worker”.

Well, the masks can be found in numerous stores with different finishes and prices. It’s just a matter of choosing the one you like the most or if you even want the one of the supreme boss who appears in the series and who wears a different mask than the rest to make that difference.

As we said, the red jumpsuit of the guards of The Squid Game can also be purchased. Although be careful, because not all are the same or have the same finish, but this model does not seem like a bad option.

The VIPs of The Squid Game

Of course, you may not want to go as a player or the staff behind this particular game. If what you want is to be one of the VIPs that appear in the final episodes (we will not tell anything more in case you have not seen it in full yet), then you can look for the masks they use or make your own. Here there is possibly more freedom to create a custom skin.

In Paper Craft World they sell you some masks that are very reminiscent of those shown in the series, and all you have to do is assemble them when you get home. A process that according to the model will have one level of difficulty or another, but with a little skill and following the instructions it is possible to complete. And even if it wasn’t to dress up like in The Squid Game, the results of various models are spectacular.