Stands for placing an iMac up high and tips for it

The iMac is an incredible device, in fact there are few users who have had a bad experience with this Apple computer. Well, in this post we want to talk about one of the accessories that you can use together with it, it is about the supports that will allow you to raise your computer a few centimeters to be able to place the screen just at the height you want.

What does support give you?

Stands for placing an iMac up high and tips for it

For many users, raising the iMac screen is not necessary, however, there are many others who prefer to have it a little higher so that when they are using the computer they just have to look forward and thus maintain a more upright position. and healthy . But this is just one of the benefits of using a stand for your iMac.

Another of them is the possibility of using the space that is just below the iMac and the stand , allowing you to take much more advantage of your desktop to store or place different accessories or devices there. In addition, some of the supports that we are going to talk about also have the possibility of being able to connect other devices and thus have more ports in a very comfortable way.

Aspects to consider

Once you know what are the main benefits of using a stand on which to place the iMac, you have to take into account the different characteristics that these products can have to choose the one that best suits your needs. Next we leave you a list with the points that you have to take into account.

  • The manufacturing material you have to take into account, especially depending on all the aesthetics that you have mounted on your desk or workplace.
  • The height of the stand is one of the most important points, since it will mark the height at which your iMac will be.
  • Do you need ports for your computer? . One of the most convenient ways to add ports to your iMac is by using a support that provides them.
  • Do you want to use it as a chest of drawers? . Many of these mounts have built-in different compartments for storing products or devices, so it can also be a very effective way to keep things organized.

Metal stands for iMac

We begin the compilation with the metal supports for the iMac, a material that undoubtedly combines perfectly with the aesthetics of this device, and that also facilitates the inclusion in the same support of different ports in some of the cases from which we are going to talk next.

SATECHI Type-C Aluminum Bracket

Satechi Soporte de aluminio

We started strong with one of the best mounts for your iMac that you can find. From the hand of SATECHI, which is a well-recognized brand of quality accessories for Apple devices, comes a stand that will not only allow you to raise your iMac a few centimeters , but will also give it more ports that you can use.

The reason many users use these devices is to be able to raise the monitor to a viewing angle that is comfortable and thus help reduce neck pain for those users who spend hours in front of the screen. In addition, as we said, it provides more ports, such as 3 USB3.0 ports, micro / SD card slots and an audio jack. In addition, the design of this stand is really elegant and combines perfectly with the material and design of the iMac itself.

VAYDEER Monitor Stand


The concept of this support is very similar to that of SATECHI, but in this case with much larger dimensions that will allow you not only to support your iMac on it, but also to be able to place different devices such as the iPhone or the iPad itself. In addition, not only will it provide you with different ports , which we will talk about in a moment, but it also has a wireless charging base built into the support itself , where you can place your iPhone and it will charge automatically.

In addition, as we said, it has several ports that will allow you to expand the possibilities of connecting more devices to your Apple computer. These ports are up to 8 USB3.0 , so you will have where you can connect your hard drive or any device. It also has versions in two colors, black and silver, so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes.

Newaner Monitor Stand


We now turn to talking about a much simpler option, and also, how could it be otherwise, much cheaper . This Newaner brand stand will give you those inches of height you need to be able to work comfortably with your computer on long daily days. It has a very ergonomic design capable of raising the height of the iMac by 80 mm.

It is made of high quality carbon steel that can be used without assembly and is really easy to clean, so you can always have your stand pristine. It also has a small hole on its surface through which you can pass the power cable of your iMac or the computer that you want to put on it.

ORICO Aluminum Monitor Stand


Another option very similar to the one we mentioned earlier is this one from the ORICO brand. This support is made of aluminum and will allow you to raise your computer screen to an angle of 31 degrees , making it much more comfortable to work with, as well as allowing you to relieve the discomfort of the cervical vertebrae caused by working at long term.

In addition, these types of accessories not only allow you to raise the height of the screen, but they also generate the possibility of taking more advantage of the space on your desk, since you can store things under it. The one-piece design allows for greater stability, which together with the 3 mm thickness , made of aluminum alloy, makes it compatible with heavy computers up to 11 kg .

Satechi Universal Aluminum Bracket

Satechi Soporte Universal

We are going back to talk about the SATECHI brand, in this case to put you on the table, never better said, a much simpler alternative and also much cheaper than the previous one. This accessory will allow you to elevate your iMac or even your laptop to obtain a much more comfortable viewing angle for working long hours.

It is made of strong aluminum alloy , so it can easily support the weight of your Apple computer. In addition, the fact that it is made of aluminum also gives it a design touch that combines perfectly with that of iMac, thus being one of the best options if you want something simple and useful.

ORICO Monitor Support


We finish the category of metal supports with an alternative, again from ORICO, which although functionally is really similar to all the previous ones, it does offer a differential point in its appearance. Despite being made of aluminum, it has a totally different color from the usual silver that we are used to, offering a very peculiar gray that can even appear navy blue at times .

As we said, it is made of an aluminum alloy and a thickness of 3 mm , which makes it really resistant to be able to place practically any device on it. In addition, it provides a height to the computer that makes you adopt a viewing angle of 30 degrees , making the work really more comfortable and, above all, adopting a much healthier posture.

Wooden supports

We put aside the metal supports and now we are going to talk to you about those that are made of wood, or at least a material that imitates wood. In this case, the characteristics are usually different, having some different compartments to be able to place other devices or even drawers where you can store your things.

FITUEYES Wood Monitor Elevator


As you can see in the image of this support, it is a really simple option. With a design, yes, very attractive made of wood, it will provide you with the possibility of raising your computer screen 100 mm in height, in order to adopt a much healthier position, which will have a positive impact over time and every day. work that you carry out.

On this support you can not only support your iMac, but any monitor or any laptop with which you want to work at a higher height than usual. Its dimensions are 42.5 cm long, 23.5 cm wide and 10 cm high , supporting a maximum capacity of 15 kg . The MDF tabletop has a fine surface that is totally resistant to water and possible scratches that it may suffer with daily use.

SONGMICS Universal Monitor Stand


This SONGMICS brand support will be great for all users who are looking for an option that also allows them to place different devices on it in their respective compartments . It is made of natural bamboo material, so it is solid, durable and very easy to clean, not to mention that it will give you a very long product life.

As we said, the stand has up to 7 different compartments to store small things like the iPhone, a mug, stapler or even pens in an orderly way. As for the height that your computer will adopt when you place it on this stand, it is 6.5 cm , enough to make your long work days much more comfortable and adopt a much more suitable posture for your back.

Bamboo monitor stand

Soporte de monitor de bambú

We are now going with the NUODWELL support that provides a very interesting alternative, since in this case, as we mentioned before, you will have the possibility of using the built-in drawer . This way you can save space on your desk, since you can not only store what you want in the drawer, but also under it, since there is still space to store the keyboard or mouse, for example.

The dimensions are 500 x 250 x 140 mm , so the height at which you will have your iMac located will be ideal to be able to adopt a healthy posture during your work days. It is made of natural bamboo, with a natural texture, providing an elegant and fresh aesthetic. It is also capable of supporting a weight of up to 2.7 kg .

Navaris Wooden Monitor Stand


We finish the compilation with a really simple alternative, but one that is also very popular given the original shape it adopts to be able to give your iMac those centimeters in height and thus get the right way to work with your computer without your neck suffering from Over time. This support has cork feet at its base that are non-slip to give users that security and not to leave marks on the surface on which you place it.

You have to know that being made of walnut wood , each piece is unique. It has dimensions of 7.2 x 34.9 x 24 cm , which are ideal to place it on practically any work desk and to be able to use it to adopt a much more comfortable and healthy posture.

Which one are we left with?

As we usually do when we carry out this type of compilation, it is time to tell you what our personal preferences are, and which of these supports have caught our attention. However, we remind you that this is a totally subjective opinion and we invite you to choose yourself or yourself based on your needs or preferences.

If we focus first on the metal supports, the option that most caught our attention is the VAYDEER support , since it provides not only more ports but also the possibility of charging the iPhone on the support itself. On the other hand, in the section of wooden supports, our choice is simpler, opting for the FITUETES support that provides the perfect height and enough space underneath it to be able to store different devices.