The Serious Screen Problem that Affects Several Google Pixel 5

For those who do not know, Google this year has put us aside again and leaves us without the Pixel 5 . Users who want to get their smartphones from Spain will have to resort to imported mobile phone distributors since the brand has decided not to sell its new mobile phone within our borders.

There is no harm that for good does not come because, at first, no potential buyer of the phone will have to go through the headaches faced by several American users who have bought the mobile and have discovered, astonished, how the smartphone is starting to break down .

This is how they show their discontent on the Google support forums.

pantalla pixel 5

The gap between the screen and the frame of the Google Pixel 5

Some early buyers of the new Google Pixel 5 are beginning to notice a gap between the phone’s frame and the screen, which could jeopardize the phone’s IP rating and, if extended, further fragility issues with the phone. device.

The problem appears as soon as the phone is unpacked, not due to use or after suffering a blow. As seen in user-contributed images, some units in the phone have a small gap between the display’s plastic frame and the aluminum frame. Reports seem to vary, but the gap is generally in the area around the front camera.

But not only some users have seen this failure in their Google Pixel 5 units since Android Police have also experienced this problem with their device.

We can confirm that our own Pixel 5 review unit is affected as well, albeit to a lesser degree than some of those shown by users.

Most reports show the glitch in the corner closest to the screen camera cutout, along the top of the phone and above the SIM tray on the left side, but it can appear in other areas as well. .

Now it remains to be clarified if this is a manufacturing defect of some units and if it is an aesthetic defect that does not present any type of protection or hardware problem in the device. Google has yet to comment on it but hopefully it will before the “ball” gets bigger.