The Screen of the Redmi Note 10 Suffers Problems Without a Solution

Since the new Redmi Note 10 se Xiaomi series was presented, we knew that it would give a lot to talk about but nevertheless we did not think that your attention would start focused on the screen. The firm promised to be very happy with the integration of Amoled panels in the Redmi Note 10 and Redmi Note 10 Pro, among other advantages powerless against the competition, but nevertheless the problems have not taken long to appear.

It is not the first time that the screen of Xiaomi mobiles has given rise to talk, although in the previous occasions everything can be solved through a quick and relatively simple update. Those who have already bought any of the Redmi Note 10 with screen problems or have reserved them, will be confined that the problem does not go to major and their unit is not affected, since it is not happening to everyone.

Users complain about the screen of the Redmi Note 10

Social networks have once again become the loudspeaker of the owners of these smartphones, which have let us see and know that the responsiveness of the Redmi Note 10 screen is the biggest problem . When the panel appears, it does not always detect the fingers and there are areas where the practitioner cannot use the smartphone. Although this is not everything.

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In other cases, and especially Redmi Note 10 Pro users, they have complained of flickering problems that make browsing very annoying. This has occurred when using the dark mode of MIUI 12 together with the 120 Hz configuration that this terminal has, but it does not happen if we use the standard frequency of 60 Hz. Despite this, one of the important advantages of this The model cannot be rendered unusable by a bug like this.

Another aspect that puzzles about the failure and can make us more clear that it is a software problem in the Redmi Note 10 , is that the errors do not appear as soon as the mobile is turned on, but it is after two or three days when they appear.

Xiaomi is already working on the solution

Redmi Note 10 Pro

After the many complaints on social networks, at the beginning Xiaomi from different accounts has responded to users and has made it possible to know that these situations are transmitted to the development team to try to fix it as soon as possible . Until then, we can only choose to be patient, in the first of the chaos we can not do much more than remove the screen protector that could increase the feeling that there is no tactility and in the next case reduce the screen frequency.