The new Roomba will avoid your biggest fear: your dog’s poop

The new iRobot robot vacuum cleaner not only incorporates the best technologies of the latest models, but also a new navigation and object detection system that will allow you to avoid one of your biggest fears: that your pet will “eat” the poop letting go where it shouldn’t.

Roomba j7 + continues to refine iRobot designs

new Roomba will avoid your biggest fear

The Roomba j7 + is the new proposal from the popular manufacturer of robot vacuum cleaners, a model that stands out first for a design that refines everything seen in previous models . Although if you want to compete against robot vacuum cleaners from other brands that often cost considerably less, you will need something more. You may have it, but first let’s talk about the design and then the rest of the news that will affect the user experience directly and clearly.

As we have said, the design is essentially the same as always. It is a circular robot and the differences are in the details. On this occasion, not only do some materials change, which give it a rather elegant touch, but also aspects such as dimensions. This is especially noticeable in the self-emptying base, it is now smaller in height and that facilitates its placement in places where the previous model was somewhat uncomfortable. For example, now it is easier to place the base under the table that is usually in the hall of the home.

For the rest, the new iRobot Roomba j7 + is as you can see in the images. Of course, you should know that despite the change in dimensions of the Clean base, the bags are the same as in the previous models with base.

Brown proof navigation

The navigation system of the Roomba j7 + is another of the attractions of this robot vacuum cleaner, despite looking the same as the previous models of the high-end iRobot. But this is not the case, this time the existing navigation system that relied on the use of a camera and another series of sensors to move for safety, detect obstacles and avoid constantly hitting furniture, their legs, walls, etc. etc. now it is also able to dodge your pet’s poop.

That is, thanks to the POOP (Pet Owner Official Promise) system and the main attraction of this robot vacuum cleaner, the iRobot device is capable of identifying your pet’s poop on the ground and avoiding it so as not to mess it up if it were to try to clean it like another type of elements.

And the thing is, it may or may not have happened to you, but the fact that the rollers and brushes of a robot vacuum cleaner come into contact with your pet’s poop can be very unpleasant. Not to mention that it is also difficult to clean. Not only in the external elements that some can be disassembled to those that are fixed and internal.

So iRobot builds part of its success on this eye-catching skullcap. So much so that if during the first year you “eat” a “surprise” from your pet, they completely change your robot vacuum cleaner.

A software full of options

In robot vacuum cleaners, the software is the most important together with the suction capacity. What’s more, it may even be more so if you keep bumping into furniture and corners for a lot of cleaning power.

In this case, the Roomba j7 + seems to have done well the duties and the usual characteristics of previous models, the highlights along with this anti-pet poop mode highlights the following:

  • I use activation services based on your location . When you are not at home the robot will know and start cleaning the home
  • Calculation of the estimated cleaning time
  • Quiet scrolling for the areas where you are working, reading or just want to be calmer
  • Smart home mapping with customization suggestions
  • Analysis of cleaning times by seasons to anticipate them and improve its effectiveness. He will be able to ask you whether or not you want him to clean the area that he will suggest.
  • Cleaning work coordinated with the Brava jet m6, so that it scrubs the floor immediately after finishing the Roomba j7 +

This along with other details provide an interesting value a priori, although later it will be necessary to see in the day to day if it is as effective as it indicates.

How much does the Roomba j7 + cost?

We arrive at the painful moment or not depending on the type of user you are and the particular needs you may have.

  • The basic model of the iRobot Roomba j7 +, without the self- emptying base, will cost 749 euros
  • With the Clean Base the price of the Roomba j7 + will cost 999 euros
  • The additional bags for the Clean base will cost 19.99 euros in a pack of three units

As you can see, it is a high-end model and its price indicates it. Considering the options of other manufacturers such as realme, Roborock, etc., it is difficult to think that such an investment will be worth it. But it is also true that being able to forget to vary the Romea for several days is very beneficial, especially for those users who have homes where the hair of pets or children can generate more dirt than usual.