Make windows in Ubuntu bigger with a change in its bar

As with the rest of the operating systems that we can install on our PC or mobile device, the use of their corresponding applications is key. This is something that is extended to Linux distributions like Ubuntu. From the outset, these have a taskbar or Dock that in most cases will be extremely useful for us.

As for example happens in Microsoft‘s Windows system , in Linux distros this bar or Dock plays a very important role. Generally this is where we place the applications that we are going to run the most and we prefer to always have it in view. In this way, we are working on what we are working on within the system, we can always use that bar.

Make windows in Ubuntu bigger with a change in its bar

This is the default behavior that we will find when we install Ubuntu from scratch on our computer. While the Windows bar is usually located at the bottom of our desktop, we will find the open source system on the left side. This position is always something that we will be able to customize in order to adapt the desk space to our needs. But it is also true that in certain circumstances this is an element that can become a nuisance.

The main reason for all this is that, as we have mentioned before, this bar is always visible , even if we run other programs. However, to make better use of the space in the windows that we open, this is something we can change. We will talk about all of them below.

Make the Ubuntu bar auto-hide

Surely on many occasions we have noticed that this Ubuntu taskbar or Dock because we discussed it remains visible when opening applications. It is true that this can be very useful to us to have access to the rest of the software anchored here. However, we must recognize that the mentioned element subtracts space from the running program window. In addition, in certain circumstances it may be the case that we do not want that bar to be constantly in view, for whatever reason.

Thus, it is located in the place where we have it, we have the possibility of hiding it whenever we place a new window on the desktop . With a simple change that we are going to show you, we can automatically hide the Ubuntu Dock, gaining space in the window that we open. It is evident that when we return to the desktop we will find the operating system taskbar again.

If we want to benefit from this change in the open source system, we must make a modification in its configuration. We access the window that interests us, for example, by right-clicking on the desktop, after which we choose the Configuration option.

Ubuntu ocultar dock

In the new window that appears we opted for the section called Appearance of all those that appear in the left panel. Here we are going to find various parameters to customize the appearance of the system, including the Automatically hide the dock selector, a selector that we only have to activate.

From that moment on we will see that the windows of the running applications will be somewhat larger, since the Ubuntu bar will be hidden.