LockBit extorts you in three different ways to steal from you

Hackers will always be looking for ways to steal your data, passwords, and even money. They use many different techniques for this and one of the most dangerous and used is ransomware. In this article we echo the latest novelty that uses a triple extortion to obtain profit. We are going to talk about what you should do so that you are protected at all times and do not have problems.

LockBit now uses a triple extortion

LockBit extorts you in three different ways to steal from you

Traditionally, what ransomware has done is encrypt files and then ask for a ransom in return. In this way they could get money from the victims, since they could not open the documents. That could not only affect the user level, but even paralyze an entire company, with what that means economically.

Although that main extortion is still present, cybercriminals have been looking for new methods to steal money. Another of them is threatening to make certain data public . This is especially sensitive for companies. Think of a product that has not yet gone on sale and information may be available to the competition. That could mean significant losses.

But there is a third way to extort and it is what they are doing from LockBit. It consists of launching DDoS attacks and causing a server, such as a web page or online platform, to stop working properly. This is as important a problem as file encryption or threatening to leak information, since they can also steal money from the victim.

A DDoS attack basically consists of sending multiple hit requests to a server to block it. That will make it stop working fine. If it is an online store, for example, it would be unavailable for a while, which also means financial losses, loss of reputation and problems.

Therefore, what LockBit is currently doing is an all-in-one. It uses ransomware to extort money from victims by encrypting files, threatens to make them public, and even launches DDoS attacks. With all this, it seeks to profit, obtain economic benefit and make this type of malware more positive for cybercriminals.

Pasar ransomware de un equipo a otro

What to do to be protected

To avoid ransomware the most important thing is to keep common sense and not make mistakes . Keep in mind that in most cases the hacker is going to need you to do something. For example, downloading a file that comes to you by mail, downloading a program through a fraudulent link, etc. Therefore, avoid making these types of mistakes.

It is also important that you have everything correctly updated . In many cases ransomware will exploit vulnerabilities that may exist in your system. For example a failure in Windows or in any program you have installed. Therefore, install the latest versions and thus avoid problems.

On the other hand, having a good antivirus is equally important. Using programs like Microsoft Defender, Avast or any other will help you not have problems and detect the entry of malware. If you accidentally download a malicious file, it can help you detect and remove it before it takes action.

In short, as you can see, LockBit now uses a triple extortion to threaten ransomware. It is essential to be protected. One option is to enable Windows ransomware protection. That will help you to have a plus of protection.