The iPhone 13 Will Have Less Notch and Higher Fast Charging

iPhone 13 Will Have Less Notch and Higher Fast Charging

Without eating or drinking it, we are less than two months from knowing what Apple has prepared for its new iPhone . We already know that the iPhone 13 will mount an A15 Bionic processor and that the camera will undergo some other changes, as now happens with its screen and battery.

Well, it is not really the display that is going to change, but its design, like the cell of the phone will grow in mAh but, its big change will be in the load.

An iPhone with a higher screen-to-body ratio

iPhone 13 notch

It has been rumored for a long time that the new Apple phones will do without the notch but it seems that this will not happen this year. What we will see is how the iPhone 13 will have a 25 mm wide notch , instead of the current 35 mm. This would make it the iPhone with the highest screen-to-body ratio on the market.

On paper, this would be a reduction of more than 25%, and it would be the first major change to the front design of the iPhone since the launch of the first notched iPhone, the iPhone X launched in 2017.

To achieve this reduction Apple would have managed to integrate the phone’s earpiece into the upper bezel and then house the four main Face ID components under it. That leaves an empty space in the middle where the earpiece and microphone used to be located, so Apple simply grouped the elements of the Face ID kit closer to each other and reduced the empty space on the sides to make the notch look like a lot. more compact than it is now.

25W load, in 2021

iphone 12 baterías

The screen design is not the only one of the changes that in recent hours are associated with Apple’s future top of the range. The latest rumors detail that the iPhone 13 could support faster charging speeds, with a 25 W power adapter, compared to the current limitation of the iPhone 12, which only supports fast charging up to 20 W. The question is… Would this charger come in the phone box or would it have to be purchased separately?

In addition, it is striking that in the middle of 2021 brands like Apple “sell” a load of this type as a novelty when there are already smartphones on the market that quadruple this power and there is talk that Xiaomi could reach 200 W the year that comes.

We will see what happens in September and if the presentation of the new phones gives the Internet flooding with memes like last year and the famous “iPhone Faiv Yi”.