How to configure the mobile phone for the elderly

Many of our grandparents, uncles or parents were born in another time when mobile phones could not even be imagined. They came into their lives much later. And although many of them have been able to do with them perfectly, it is true that we will have to give them a hand so that they can control it in the best possible way.

For this reason, it is time to give them a clue and go on to configure a mobile for the elderly people whom we love so much from our family or acquaintances. In this way, we will make it possible for them to adapt without any extra difficulty when they are going to use a smartphone for the first time or when they change from one phone to another. To do this, we will show you a series of adjustments and customizations that will be of great help to you.

How to configure the mobile phone for the elderly

use simple mode

It will not always be necessary to go directly to the app store of the phone that we are going to configure in search of a tool that allows us this type of adjustment. More than anything, because the good news is that many Android manufacturers integrate their own Easy Mode or Simple Mode . Not as in the case of iPhone, where the only option will be configuring the device as we will see later.

Huawei Modo Simple

Not so many years ago, being able to activate such a mode depended exclusively on third-party applications. Fortunately, many customization layers from manufacturers such as Samsung, Xiaomi or Huawei have this function.

However, if in the event that the device you are going to adjust for your grandfather or father does not have this simple mode, rest assured, since later we will show you other alternatives that are just as quick and easy.

Basically, the main function of this software is to ensure that, once activated, the phone’s interface changes completely. In other words, we will make the icons look much larger and we will also be able to configure the apps so that they are more accessible when using the mobile . Ultimately, we will make the smartphone launcher completely simplified.

Adapt an Android

Google’s operating system offers us endless opportunities with which we can further adjust the phone that will be used by an elderly person. Whether it’s because you don’t get along with the keyboard when typing or because your eyesight isn’t the best in the world, we’ll always find different settings to make using the terminal easier .

enlarge the texts

Although we do not have a simple mode among the native settings of the mobile, the truth is that within the Accessibility section we will have several alternatives that will be of great help to us. One of them, for example, will be the tool called Font Size, with which we can increase or decrease the text that appears on the smartphone screen.

Tamaño de la fuente en Android

To enter this configuration we must go to Settings> Accessibility> Font size and choose the one that best suits our grandfather. And not only this, but further down is the option to Expand. By activating it, we will enable a direct access to quickly expand the content of the panel in order to better visualize the smartphone’s display.

To run it once it is enabled we must slide up with two fingers from the bottom of the screen.

Increase the visualization

As in the previous example, this method will be included within Settings > Accessibility > Display size . Once we access this section of the device, we will be able to enter a tool that will allow us to change the size of the different elements that may appear on the mobile screen. Of course, some applications could change places, since if the size is increased they would occupy more.

Tamaño de la visualización en Android

Trade in an iPhone

Within the iPhone, as we have already been warning you, the tool or easy mode is not there, so we will have to adjust it as much as possible by following the different methods that we will see below. All this from its settings, so it will not be necessary to install any type of application.

Modify the text

As in Android, within iOS we find an Accessibility section. Within this section the adjustment that we will see is called Screen and text size. Once we are inside, we must click on the Larger text option > activate it and choose the option that best suits the needs of the elderly person to whom you have adapted the phone . We can also put the letters that will appear on the panel in bold so that they can be more readable. Something that we can also configure from the Screen and brightness section.

Poner texto más grande en iPhone

screen zoom

On iPhone phones we can also find it in Settings> Display and brightness> Screen zoom > Display. Here, we can select the second option, leaving aside the standard one.

However, within the Accessibility section that we mentioned before, where the Zoom option will be where we will have many more options, such as the amount we want to increase the display of the panel. We can even choose the region, whether it will be complete or in a window.

Zoom en iPhone

Other options

In addition to the different alternatives that come natively on Android and iOS that we have just shown you, you can also improve the experience a little more with other third-party applications. In this way, you can adapt your phone or the person who has asked you, so that the usability of the smartphone is much simpler.

Within Android phones we find the possibility of changing the device’s launcher or launcher to make it much easier. Something that will not be possible on the iPhone. On the other hand, it will not matter if we have not been able to find the simple function of the Android phone or the native options have not been enough. Therefore, we leave you two alternatives that will facilitate the usability of any mobile:

Simple Launcher en Android

When you install it on your smartphone, you must go to Settings> Applications and notifications> Default apps> Home application and choose the launcher that you have just downloaded on your Android.