How to Charge Your Apple Watch Using Your iPhone: A Step-by-Step Guide

Discover the convenience of charging your Apple Watch using your iPhone‘s battery – a lifesaver during trips, power outages, or when you’re simply on the go. This handy feature, prominently introduced with the iPhone 15, is surprisingly simple to activate and compatible with earlier iPhone models via a straightforward workaround.

How to Charge Your Apple Watch Using an iPhone

Apple Watch iphone

Charging your Apple Watch via your iPhone couldn’t be easier. All you need is the Apple Watch’s charger. Simply connect the USB-C end of the Apple Watch charger to your iPhone. Then, place the watch on its magnetic charging dock. The watch will start charging, tapping into the iPhone 15’s generous 4,852 mAh battery. Given the Apple Watch’s modest battery size of around 300 mAh, charging it to full will consume less than 10% of your iPhone’s battery life, ensuring you stay powered on the move.

For Non-iPhone 15 Models

If your iPhone doesn’t have a USB-C port, fret not. A simple USB-C to Lightning adapter bridges the gap, allowing you to connect your Apple Watch charger to iPhones with Lightning ports. These adapters are widely available and affordable, with options to suit all budgets and preferences, including purchases from Amazon for convenience or AliExpress for cost savings.

This method isn’t just limited to the Apple Watch; it can also rejuvenate your AirPods or even another iPhone, making it an incredibly versatile solution for keeping your devices charged without needing a wall socket. Whether you’re traveling, at the beach, or anywhere else, this charging method ensures your Apple Watch, and other gadgets remain powered.

Final Thoughts

Many users are unaware of this efficient and straightforward charging hack. While not the most conventional method, it’s undoubtedly effective for emergencies or when conventional charging options are unavailable. Try it out for yourself and share your experience or any tips you might have discovered. Your insights could help others make the most of this convenient charging solution.